Saturday, February 18, 2012

10 Day You Challenge: 1 Picture {Of You}

Today is the last day of the 40 10 Day You Challenge series!! Thanks to everyone who played along! The last challenge is to post one picture of yourself. I really don’t like most pictures of myself, so I’m glad I just got my haircut and have this lovely new do to share! :o)

Thanks to all my Facebook girls who gave me some hair advice and for all your sweet comments afterward! I feel loved! xoxo  And thanks again for reading along with this Challenge!
I also wanted to share just a few upcoming ‘events’ in the next few weeks here on the bloggity blog:
  • *Maybe* I will get my Valentine’s d├ęcor up on the blog? {I have been having a lot of fun recently, which is news in itself.} ;o)
  • GIVEAWAY 1 – coming up on one of my favorite blogs! I’ll be giving away something I made for the first time!! Look for that news soon! xoxo
  • GIVEAWAY 2 – when I hit 200 Facebook or blog fans I’ll be hosting a giveaway right here on my blog!! {I have a couple girls lined up that I just know you will LOVE!} We’re sooooo close! I would love love love if you shared my blog or Facebook page with even one friend! Thanks so much!! xoxo
  • Getting ready for some lucky St. Patrick’s Day posts!! :)
I’ve already seen some great St. Patrick’s Day ideas popping up on Facebook! I love all the fun activities to do with kids. How about you? Are you feeling lucky?
I hope you’re enjoying your weekend! For us it is a four day weekend! Woot Woot!
Thanks for reading, as always. God Bless!


Sunday, February 12, 2012

10 Day You Challenge {LOVE Version}: 3 Movies and 2 Songs

Since Valentine’s Day is almost here, I thought I’d do the 10 Day You Challenge – LOVE Version! :) So these are my three favorite super girly chic flick romantic love movies and two pretty sweet love songs. In no particular order…


1. The Notebook
{Because who doesn't love this movie and this quote?}


 {So true - and another great moment in the movie!}

2. The Princess Bride



 {Because it's just funny.}

3. Pride and Prejudice
Oh Mr. Darcy. The English teacher in me definitely appreciates this movie, and I love the era in which  this was written, but this version definitely is the most quotable! {See picture two!}


 {This little montage has all my favorite quotes on it! Sigh... I am such a sucker for this movie!}

You know I wanted to put Legally Blonde on the list and Elf -- but they didn't really go with the sappy love theme, and I could only have three movies, so - next time! :)

2 {Love} SONGS

Blogger was acting up and wouldn't load the YouTube images for you to watch directly from this blog, so I really hope you click on the links - especially if you haven't heard these songs before!

1. “It’s Your Love” by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill – This is one of my favorite love songs! It's an oldie but a goodie! xoxo

2. “Born Again” by Third Day This has meaning on a couple different levels. I love it! I'm kind of hoping you haven't heard this one yet. :)

And there you have it! Maybe you will be watching some of these movies or listening to these songs in a couple days? Happy early Valentine's Day! The 10 day challenge limited me to choose only 2 and 3! But I know there are soooo many more! What’s your favorite romantic movie or love song?


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