Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014: Make the Most of It

Christmas has come and gone...
The year is over,
flown by, really,
in a whirl,
as a new year begins
and the never ending theme and thought
that runs through my head is
how fast time passes.

We've all read about the unimportance of material gifts
and the ever growing importance of time,
And each year, as I get older
I realize my Christmas list gets shorter
because the things I really want
can't be bought
from a store
Or ordered online anymore.
That life means more...

This year I gave my grandma something I couldn't really create –
but only give back to her
that which she earned:
Her memories.
Her time.
Her experiences. 

Those can't be replaced or replicated any longer,
only remembered,
in old,
weathered photos,
with cracks and frays and
fancy cursive letters
written with care
by a 20,
40 year old
woman, mom and grandmother
who was writing her memories there;
and how her eyes reflected the joy of those times
and her voice quivered in sharing the moments with us.

And it hit me.
And I realized,
really solidified,
that no gift I have ever gotten
or will ever receive
will replace the time and moments
I have yet
to experience.
That I have the opportunity
to create
those moments,
and not regret
that time is passing.
That it will pass,
whether I make something out of it,
or not.

And that the memories created
in moments like this
with kids
with family
are priceless
and can't be bought..

2014 gives us an opportunity to start fresh. To develop deeper friendships, to be intentional in the time we share and be a presence in the lives of our kids and those we love.

This year, my word for 2014 is experiences.

Make the most of it! What's your word for 2014?

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