Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring Twig Wreath

Is it spring weather where you are? It has been beautiful over here - in fact, more like summer at times, and I am soaking in all the spring break joy and outdoor fun with my boys!

As we were playing outside, I noticed the wind had scattered a bunch of tiny branches from the trees all over the grass. My crafty wheels turned and it didn't take long before I was collecting branches!

And thus my little twig wreath was born! I love bringing the outdoors IN! What's even better, is she was absolutely FREE since I used supplies I already had on hand!

I love her spindled arms and how the softness of the rosettes compliments the branches. Here is how you can make your own twig wreath!


~Twigs (Gathered from outside)
~Round cardboard circle (cut from the back of a chex mix box! I ended up recutting a smaller circle than was shown. It was approximately 6" in diameter, measuring from the outside.)
~Glue gun
~Twine to hang your wreath
~Any embellishments you would like

First, I sorted the twigs, took off any odd angles and arranged them in a circle. Once I found an arrangement I liked, I glued them on top of my cardboard circle.

{The 6" circle is above. I was spacing the sticks here in this picture. I glued the sticks on top of the circle shown.}

Once all the twigs were hot glued on, I added the rosettes. I have always wanted to make book page rosettes! After throwing my book club party I had an old book that I could still craft with. (As an English teacher, I'm a bit squeamish about tearing apart books - even in the name of crafting, so I am going to get FULL use out of that book!) lol
I actually used the video tutorial here to learn how to make the rosettes. They were easy to make - they just took TIME! I give major props to anyone who has made one of those rosette wreaths! They must have been rolling flowers for hours! If that is you - give yourself a high five! :o)
But I do love how they soften the wreath!

Overall, I am very happy with my little Twig Wreath!

Even though she is hanging on my front door right now, I think I am going to use her to decorate my craft space. Would you make a twig wreath? Where would you hang her? Do you like bringing the outdoors in with your crafting?

Happy Spring!
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