{About Me}

Hello!! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!!

My name is Reannah. I'm a Christian gal, grad student, English teacher and single mama of two wonderful and crazy boys! I'm a Southern California girl who loves the sun and the beach but is pretty much good if I have a Starbucks in one hand and a book in the other. :) This is my happy little family:

My boys are currently 14 and 10. I sure miss the time when I was a stay at home mommy when they were my littles, but I am enjoying their independence and growing responsibility!

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

I started this blog in April of 2011. I called it {Shaped by Grace}to remind myself that I am lucky to have the life I live and that, no matter the circumstances, I am the result of what God has shaped me to be (and is shaping me to become.) So, in everything I do, I try to honor Him - even in blogging! :o) So now that I have a blog, I guess I can say that I'm a writer and, if you read some of my posts - a crafter! My whole life I've enjoyed making all kinds of crafts and more recently have enjoyed DIY projects around my home! After living in apartments and military housing for over 10 years, I finally bought my own home. It has been SO fun decorating and getting to paint walls! I'm enjoying making my house a home, one little project at a time. I also enjoy spending as much time as I can and planning fun things to do with my guys:

I'm also enjoying making new blog friends! Everyone said blogging was a community - but WOW -- it has been AMAZING! The amount of emotion and real life out there that I read moves me to tears sometimes and the creative ideas I see inspire me every day. There are some girls I've met and only spoken to via blogging, but just KNOW we'd be FRIENDS if we ever met in real life. I am happy to be surrounded by such LIFE and INSPIRATION and to be allowed to take up even one tiny corner of this bloggy blog world is an honor. For more fun facts about me, read my "ABC's of Me" post here.

Thanks so much for reading and being a part of this space I call Shaped by Grace. Grab a cup of coffee or tea with me and stay a while! Blessings! <3

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