Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring Flower Table Runner

Spring has sprung! While I'm not in a hurry to take down ALL of my green St. Paddy's day decor just yet, {I kinda like it!} ;-) Little bits of spring have started showing up around my house. {Add to the fact that it has been 80 degrees this week! Woo! Spring is here!} One of the first items I set out this year was my Flower Table Runner:

It's one of my favorite spring decorations and I thought I would share with you how to make it! You probably have most of the supplies already - and once you do - it takes only minutes to make!

First, you will need:
  • Faux Flowers {I bought mine on sale at Michaels}
  • 8-10 ft. of 1 1/2" - 2" wide ribbon {I used 1 3/4" light green -- use thicker ribbon for larger flowers}
  • A glue gun
  • 2 Safety Pins

  1.  Lay out the length of ribbon you would like -- I used about 8ft. so it would hang about 8-10" off each side of my table. Cut the ribbon to fit your table length.
  2. Set the flowers in an arrangement along the center of the ribbon. Try to vary color and sizes until you get the pattern and look you want.

3. Once the flowers are arranged how you like, hot glue them on! {I hot glued the 2 end flowers first, so I knew where I wanted each end to stop. I left room for about 18-20" of ribbon on each end of the runner so I could put a place setting there if I wanted and it would still hang off the end of my table neatly.}

4. After the glue has set, you can set the ribbon on your table as is, or safety pin it to your current table runner! I like the versatility of switching out the ribbon and flowers for different seasons!

I love how this table runner sits low on my table so I can see across and talk to my kids and my guests!
In fact, after I made my table runner, I pulled out this bunting I made last year. Here's a little sneak peak of more decor to come --

How about you? What's the first spring decoration you set out in your home?




Kelly said...

Oh my goodness I LOVE this idea! I actually bought some supplies to make myself a new table runner because what I like i can't afford! Haha!

Four Marrs and One Venus said...

I really LOVE this Flower Runner idea! Yes, you are so right about being able to see across the table- I love that this let's you do that! Very pretty! Can't wait to see more of your Easter stuff!!

Carey said...

this is just lovely! green is my fav color!

StinkerbellSteph said...

This is beautiful! Great inspiration, thanks!

Zainab said...

Hie Reannah!!! Hey we have sumthing in common... I m a teacher too:).... But not a vigirous blogger!! :(... How ya doing frnd?? Its my first time on ur blog!!! I love t n ur boys r cute!!!:)

Ashley said...

This is really pretty!

The DIY Show Off said...

So pretty Reannah! I love that it can have so many different color combinations/flower arrangements too. I'm going to include a link back in my highlights tomorrow. Thank you so much for sharing! :) Please feel free to grab an "I'm Featured" button!

Garage Sales R Us said...

I love it! Beautiful table runner! I am visiting from the One Artsy Mama Craft Contest and wanted to drop by and say hello. I am a new follower! Hope you will stop by and do the same.


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