Tuesday, December 11, 2012

{WIWW} #momfails

#momfail: (verb) the act of being unsuccessful in achieving one's goals as a mom.

Here are some examples.
These may or may not be from my own life experiences. #cough

My child's first taste of sugar will be of his 1st birthday cake. Sugar will only be on special occasions/holidays after that.

Child #1 - success!!
Child #2 is born.:
#1 son: "Mom can I have a piece of this cake?"
ME (I mean random mom): "Sure, but give a piece to your brother too or he'll cry."

My child will only eat homemade food, no fast food.

Mom: "You only have 30 minutes between school and practice. If we drive thru and you eat in the car, we'll make it!"
(or is it?) The child got fed AND made it to practice.... hmmm, may have to rethink this one...

My children will be intelligent hard workers in school. They will work diligently and without complaint.

Teacher: "You're lucky your child is so cute and charming, because they just CANNOT sit still."

I will have valuable, deep, meaningful conversations with my children daily. I will make every moment a teachable moment and teach them to grow their minds by asking challenging questions.

This one's a work in progress...

Trev: What is that on your head, mom?
ME: It's a scarf.
Trev: Oh, it looks like a bird's nest with your head poking through it.
ME: Um, thanks...


Me: It's actually an infinity scarf.
Trev: What's an infinity?
ME: It means it has no end. It just keeps going and going!
Trev: Oh.

Crocheted Infinity Scarf: Target

Trev: I love you.
Me: I love you more.
Trev: I love you a google!
Me: I love you INFINITY!
Trev: I love you a google TIMES infinity...

That one ended in a tie.



Jodi said...

Haha, awesome :)

Colville Clan of TN said...

You are not alone! I was so picky with my first and I'm sure quite annoying, all the while I know my Dad went along because he knew what was coming one #2 came along. Oh wise father of four. :-) Unfortunately, I've begun to rely on Tootsie Rolls to get my almost 2 year old to get into his carseat, otherwise it's a very physical and emotional job. Maybe he'll have good memories of tootsie rolls in the car. But, I have the best memories of my childhood and I had a very unconventional mom, I turned out fine and ours will too!

Rubi Diaz said...

Aww I love this post. So cute! Kids are so sweet :) Love that infinity scarf too! Found you on The Pleated Poppy! I'm hosting a style link-up too if you'd like to join the fun!

With Love,

AbsoluteMommy said...

Great post!! Love the infinity convo. Too cute!

Paige said...

hahahaha!!!! I actually don't set those lofty goals because I know I will never live up to them!!! :0 I don't do new year's resolutions either because I don't keep them....jut what exactly does that say about me? (don't answer that).

and for the record I love your birds nest!


Ania said...

I've shared some of the same mom fails with kid #2 and #3. But there are other wins. I love your bird's nest, it's so cool.

Priscila@mommode said...

Hahaha, this is funny! Except I fail on the whole sugar thing with my FIRST child! Talk about a fail! Coming from WIWW!

Priscila @ mysimplecutestyle.wordpress.com

Four Marrs and One Venus said...

Ahhhhh- Loved it girl! Ended in a tie-- that is YOUR GUY!! Super sweet post!

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