Thursday, May 31, 2012

Party Like It's - 1984!

What's up with 1984 you ask? Let me tell you!

Some of my favorite bloggers are starting an awesome monthly link party!  It's called "A Look Back" Your wonderful hostesses for this party are Shaping Up To Be A Mom, Houtz House Party, Absolute Mommy, and Covered In Grace.  You can read all about this linky party here.  It's all about flashing back in time each month. June is starting with.... {are you ready?}


  They even gave us a fun survey to fill out! SO, here is "All About Me" circa 1984:

Age: 7
Where you lived: Harbor City, CA
Favorite activities/pastimes: I was in 2nd grade; I remember liking Gymnastics, playing with dolls {barbies and Cabbage Patch Kids!} and reading.
Vacations taken: Almost every year we would go to Disneyland! My favorite time to go was around Christmas! I also remember lots of looong road trips to Nevada and Washington to see family.
Best friend(s): Kelli with an i and Ana
Favorite book: I loved Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Beverly Cleary. (Give me some Ramona and Beezus please!)
Favorite movie: Any Disney movie!!!
Favorite TV show: I don't recall being allowed to watch too much TV at that time so I can't say.
Favorite place to be: Other than home (Hey, I was 7!) at church with my friends or hanging out at my friend Kelli's house.
Favorite outfit/Fashion trends: I remember liking dresses and the color purple. That probably explains the outfit below. There is no explanation for the animals displayed on my shirt though. ;-)
Did you have any "firsts" this year? I think I learned to ride a bike that year - and really learned to swim! (Before that, I remember being afraid of the water.)
What did you do for your birthday or a special holiday? I remember having a slumber party around this age... and the 4th of July!! We would go to Wilson Park, lay out a HUGE blanket and watch the fireworks display as a family!! Maybe that's why I like the 4th of July so much!

Oh, and the only proof I have on my computer from 1984 is a picture of this shy little girl :)


It was so fun to think back to this time! I have an 8 year old now and it is so interesting to reflect on how times have changed since I was that age! How about you? What were YOU doing in 1984?

Shaping Up To Be A Mom



Sarah Fontenot said...

So cute!!! I read all the Ramona and Beezus books too. Loved them!

Kelly said...

I loved those books too!!!!!! Girl you were so cute!

Julie Marie said...

you were soo adorable.. i forgot all about beverly cleary books. i was so into those.. i was about the same age as you..i read alot of judy blume books and a few years later, totally dug sweet valley twins and babysitters club =) this was a fun post wasnt it?? hope more ppl link up the more they progress through the years. i love these!!

Julie Marling said...

How fun! I am around the same age. Funny to take a trip down memory lane. Thanks! New follower from Speak up hop.. Love for you to follow back when you get a chance!

Megan10e said...
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Megan10e said...

Aw come on, we've all got these embarrassing pictures, and you have a beautiful one?! ;) Thanks so much for linking up!!

Shaping Up To Be A Mom

Brooke @ Covered in Grace said...

You were such a gorgeous little girl!! =) Loved your link up!

Rachel said...

So cute! I was the same age :) I also loved Cleary (and any and ALL books!!)

Reannah @ {Shaped by Grace} said...

Yay Rachel!! Thanks so much! :)

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