Friday, June 21, 2013

American Flag Etiquette

What? There is etiquette for a flag? Yeah, yeah, I know, don't burn them and don't let them touch the ground - but what else is there? If you were me you'd be thinking "Flag cakes and pallet art! Woohoo!" :-) But, with 4th of July coming up and a bunch of flag flying parading around, I thought it would be useful and (dare I say?) fun to share some American flag etiquette with you!

Let's start with the obvious:

1. Don't let it touch the ground. Why? Because our flag is a symbol of pride and we treat it like a person. The reasoning is that we walk on the ground and it would be disrespectful to our pride and the flag to place it on the ground. What happens if your flag does touch the ground? Proper etiquette is actually to bury it.

2. You CAN burn an American Flag. But not in political protest! (Yikes.) Did you know that the proper way to dispose of an old American Flag is actually to burn it! (To do this safely contact your local American Legion office.)

3. Leave your flag up from sunrise to sunset. If your flag is outside, you should only leave it out during daylight hours. If you leave it out at night, you should have a light shining on it. (The US Flag Code says indoor flags can be left up at all times.) ;o)

4.  DON'T tie it to a tree. Or hang it across a boat, train or car. All those are signs of disrespect. DO - hang your flag from a pole or tack it to a window or wall.

5. DO fly your flag RIGHT SIDE UP and on top! If you are flying 3 flags, the American Flag can be in the middle, otherwise, it's on top. ALSO -- make sure it is right side up. Upside down is a sign of distress. And DON'T do what my son's school did by accident:


True story.

I'm sure that you will do great with your flag. I've heard that the American flag also looks great on face paint and men in uniform. But that wasn't in the flag code. :o)

Do you have any flag tips to add to this list?

Happy Flag Flying!!

Sources: US Flag Code and Real Simple.


Cristina Garay said...

Great post! I didn't know much about No.3
Have a great weekend!

Michelle Robblee said...

Thanks for the post. After reading about what happened to Little Miss Mustard Seed who used a flag as a tablecloth for an HGTV photo shoot last year, and then received a ton of negative comments...I'm much more careful! No flags used as tablecloths or cut up for crafts!

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