Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Why I'm a Horrible Blogger

Here we go...

This school year kicked my butt! And my blog momentum was lost.  So, I thought I'd share the top 10 reasons why I'm a horrible blogger. (I'm here simply for your amusement people.)

1. I don't post regularly. I commend people who  can write every day - or have weekly themes! That's amazing to me! I write when I have time and when the spirit moves me, Usually those two things don't happen in sync though.

2. I forget to check my blog email. All. The. Time. I had a separate email just for my bloggy blog. It was special. It had my blog name. And I forgot I had it. For like, 2 months. Until I finally just had all my blog emails revert to my regular email address because, let's face it, navigating two emails is just asking too much. TOO MUCH.

3. I don't monitize. I've gotten offers. (I KNOW.) This one's bad. It's on my summer bucket list. We'll see if I have time to devote to it.

4. TIME? What's that? I am a single mom and I teach full time. Blogging during the school year is minimal sometimes. I justify those blog droughts as "quality, not quantity" of posts while others refer to it as "Oh, I didn't even realize you were gone." I have been known to take a break for a day or two. Or a month.

5. My computer is out to sabatoge me. Seriously. In the past several months I have had TWO computers completely die on me. Granted both were old to begin with, but still. I am borrowing a work computer to write, but that doesn't let me load photoshop or anything cool on it.

6. I don't network like I should. I really, really love reading blogs and checking out all the seasonal ideas. But I barely have time to read them, let alone comment. (See #4 above.) Being a single mom and teacher gives me very valid reasons, I know. But I also know how much I love comments, and it makes me sad I don't return the love as often as I should. I tend to comment on Facebook now, more than on someone's actual post. (Is that bad? Or is commenting on Facebook just as good? What do you think?)

7. Facebook. Facebook. Facebook. Well, since we're on the subject, Facebook has it out for blog pages I think. It changes it's news feed updates faster than Rihanna changes hairstyles. Now that the newsfeed is reliant on constant network and interaction, it makes it harder for people like me to be seen and harder for me to see you. Unless I am commenting and posting daily, I disappear - and so do you. {Insert sad face.} So, if I don't post for awhile and then start posting, well, you get the picture.

8. I don't bring my business cards everywhere. Well, it's not like I should be handing them to the grocery cashier - "Thanks for the lemons, here's my card." But I forgot to bring them to a blog conference. A blog conference people!

9. I would rather play Candy Crush. Only sometimes. Maybe. I'm stuck on a level right now and once I pass that, back to blogging. I swear. Actually... wait... Candy Crush needs Adobe flash and my computer refuses to update it. Back to #5 on this list...

10. I take my own pictures. I don't hire a professional photographer for my kid's birthday parties. I do all my own projects. My camera is just a normal one. I often use my iPhone for photos.

And I also just realized I didn't put any photos in this post.



The positive:
1. I make YOU look good.
    You're welcome. ;-)

2. There may be hope for me yet -- It's summertime now, and maybe I can change some of those numbers above. I really do love reading other blogs and pages and I'm hoping I can catch up on all the awesomeness you guys are putting out there! And hopefully, as I post more this summer, you'll see me too. :)

Do you have any horrible blogger moments to add to this list?
How about an awesome post for me to read? (Because I have time to read it now!!) {Wink}


Becca @ Love Our Disney said...

I love your blog! And guess what- I often prefer to read blogs that don't monetize. You should never blog for money- it should just be an added bonus. Sometimes bloggers forget why they are blogging and just focus on making money, and you can tell.

And I totally enjoyed that post- no pictures and all!

April S. said...

Hahaha - thank you for the laugh - the above is true for many of us! :)

Kristine Foley said...

You are so freakin adorable friend! You and horrible should never be in the same sentence!! SO happy if you find more time to blog because I love when you do! P.S. Totally guilty of most of these myself. We can be "horrible" together :) XOXO

Kristine -The Foley Fam {unedited}

Kate said...

Whenever I have a post that doesn't have pictures I feel like I am searching my files and files for one that might fit instead of just saying, "who cares if my post doesn't have pictures?"

But I agree and do so much of the above. Guess I am a horrible blogger with you.

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