Tuesday, May 31, 2011

They grow up so fast....

I can't believe that today, I had to send my 5th grader to Science Camp for a whole week!!! Okay, 4 days, but it FEELS long already! Time flies! I remember talking to him last year about going and he was SOOO excited! And this year, that is ALL he could talk about. {Seriously, NON STOP.} But  guess what? Last night, he said he 'felt a little weird about it' and 'wasn't sure about going'. Was someone homesick already? :( He started getting nervous about - who would be his room buddy? And what activities would they be doing? And would he HAVE to do the ropes course? And so on... My poor little guy. We talked about all the fun activities, and mom even told him a story about when she went to Science Camp in 6th grade - on AN ISLAND called Catalina, far, far away... and then we prayed and asked God to give us peace about the trip and talked about all the FUN things there would be to do at camp! And this morning - he got up and was back to excited!! (Although several times I heard himself saying "It's just like school, only longer." And "really mom, it's only 2 days, since I'll see you today, be gone Wed. & Thurs. and then I'll see you Friday." Thanks for making me feel better kiddo. ;-) It was still hard to say goodbye. Here he is all ready to go!:

 Sean and his friend Carson waiting to get on the bus!
 I guess it's just me and little man until Friday!!!
 I suppose we'll find SOMETHING fun to do...;o)
{The school update at 2:45 was that all students arrived to camp safely - just in time for lunch!} I'm trying not to neurotically check my email for camp updates! :):) Sigh... Is it just me? Or is it hard for everyone who has to "let their kids go" for the very first time... how did you deal with it?? Let me know! :)


Naiman Family said...

Oh Reannah! I can't believe your little guy is already at camp. Here's to a quick week of fun for everyone. :)

{Shaped by Grace} said...

Thanks Kim! I hope his nerves have settled and he has fun too! Even Trevor misses him. It's cute. :)

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