Saturday, June 4, 2011

5 Things You Should Know About Boys

{According to a 7 year old that is!} 


Aaaand, Take 2305 TAKE 2:

In case you missed it, here they are again:

1. They like to get dirty.
2. They have to get washed off. {Sometimes against their will.}
3. They like to do pillow fights and wrestle! 
4. They like to snuggle. {He was almost peer pressured out of saying this one by a 10 year old who shall remain nameless.} 
5. They like to eat! 

Words of wisdom! The funniest conversations happen at the dinner table! :) Love these boys! Oh -- and in case you missed it -- we are SO GLAD to have THIS GUY back home!!!

  {Is it just me, or does he look older?} :(


The Gunny Sack said...

Yeah, he does look older :) I have a little boy too...aren't they wonderful! Thanks for stopping by my site! I hope to see you again!

{Shaped by Grace} said...

Thanks for the comment! And I really enjoyed your site! So cute! I will definitely be following it!:)

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