Saturday, June 25, 2011

First Day of Summer!

Hip Hip Hooray! Thursday was the last day of school for the boys and this year we had our 2nd annual end of year pool party! {It sounds way more official than it actually is.} The boys and some of their friends came to our pool and enjoyed a few hours of splashing, food and fun! It was a great way to kick off the summer! My favorite little man quote was: “Mom, there’s no school  today?” ME: Nope. LITTLE MAN: “Because it’s summer?” ME: Yes. LM: “Even on Tuesdays?” ME: Yes, even on Tuesdays!  {Hooray again!} My boys are so blessed to have such nice friends in our neighborhood, all the kids played so well together! AND we were also very blessed to have GREAT weather! So, great friends, great weather, some great food – isn’t that was summer is supposed to be all about?

Woo hoo!:
{Lol – I just noticed the underwater swimmer. It must be the camera angle, but no worries – he made it safely to the edge!}

Welcome to the party…


The 1st-2nd graders know how to party!

Then I heard someone say “All the middle schoolers over here!!” Seriously? I’m still not used to hearing my #1 son referred to as a middle schooler…sigh…. but here they are – coming soon to a middle school near you!


{Mom got to invite some friends to the party too}  

These strawberries below were so messy looking, but SO good! You’re supposed to dip the strawberries in white chocolate candy coating {so it hardens & is smooth} and then dip it in the sprinkles so it looks all perfect and pretty – but my boys absolutely LOVE my strawberry marshmallow dip & I couldn’t say no. SO, we got messy-but-absolutely-TO-DIE-FOR tasty Red, White & Blue strawberries! :)

I wish I took more pictures of the party d├ęcor, but we were just having too much fun!! But I DID remember to take a picture of the cake though. It was a huge hit at the party:


For an easy ‘how-to’ make this cake, click here!

For a tutorial on how to make those red & blue cake stands (DIY – only $4!) ~ click here!

Two days of summer and we’re off to a great start! But I’m always looking for new things to do with the boys! What are your plans this summer? I’d love to hear your ideas! :)


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