Tuesday, June 14, 2011

“New Use” Tuesday!

The only magazine I subscribe to is Real Simple Magazine and one of my favorite sections is their “New Uses for Old Things” feature! I love that they take everyday items and use them for unusual or random things. Personally I LOVE using items for anything EXCEPT what they were meant to be used for! {That trait comes in handy when garage sale hunting.} ;o) SO, Tuesdays around here are going to be “New Uses for Old Things” Tuesdays. {Does Real Simple have that phrase copyrighted? Maybe I’ll just call it “New Use Tues.”} ;o)

Anyways, today’s first “New Use” for something old is … {drum roll please}… ALUMINUM FOIL!!
Why aluminum foil? Because I’m getting ready to do some painting this summer and in my blog hunting, I found this picture:

New Use #1: Using Aluminum Foil as a hardware protector when painting! Genius right? This is my favorite “new use!” Since foil hugs and takes the shape of whatever it covers it’s perfect for the job! This is so cool in and of itself, I could stop there, but in case you need more, here are some other new uses for aluminum foil:

#2: Aluminum foil as a make-shift funnel. In a pinch, you can roll two layers of foil in the shape of a cone and use it as a funnel.

#3: As a kitchen scrubber. Roll foil up in a ball and add some dish soap. Use to scrub stubborn food off of glass bakeware.

#4: Sharpen your scissors!! Cut about 6-8 layers of aluminum foil with a dull pair of scissors. The cut alone will sharpen the scissors! {I'll have to try this one!}

almost done…
#5: Wrinkle remover! For those of you who iron. {My current criteria for clothing is no dry cleaning and no ironing!} Smile Place aluminum foil under silk, wool and rayon clothing that can’t take direct heat. HOLD the iron 3-4 inches ABOVE the garment and the foil will radiate the heat and help take out the wrinkles! Nice…

And the finale…. Cat toy (Rolled up in a ball or with a string tied to it), baking pan covers, pie crust edge covers or wrap cheese in foil to keep it from molding. Any other ideas??

I hope you enjoyed the first “New Use Tuesday!”
Some of these ideas I got blog hunting and many I got here: Real Simple Magazine. Check ‘em out!


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