Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The 1st Day of School!

It’s here! The first day of school! I have loved reading about everyone else’s first days of school! I feel like my boys are the last to start! Here are a few pics of our day. Since it was MY first day of school too {I teach 8th grade English} I dropped both boys off at the YMCA at their schools. Now that I am dropping off at TWO different schools this year, I did not get to walk Little Man to his line. But, what made the mom guilt {a little} easier is that THEY LOVE the Y and Little Man actually REQUESTED to go to the Y and play with his friends before school started! So, it all worked out for the best. AND, there was no line at the sign to take pictures!


Love these boys!  Some things we learned today...

In Second Grade. . .
- you have three recesses!
- you have THREE frogs in your classroom {2 stuffed animal frogs and one REAL}
- and your teacher still reads stories to you. {phew – we were worried about that.} ;o)

In Sixth Grade . . .
-You get your own locker {and only have to go to the office twice and ask the custodian once to get it to work!}
-You have SIX different teachers.
- and you get to sit with your friends for lunch {not your class}

{And if the boys look a little tired it’s because I forgot to take this picture in the morning, so I took them after school when we got home!} Oh well! =)
{Also - like those signs? I got them here!}

Of course, I couldn’t send the boys to school with out a treat for their teacher!


{Inspired by TheGirlsatEighteen25 – I should seriously do PR for them!} :o)

Apparently they were a hit – especially in Middle School! Big S said he got hugs from three of his teachers! He said that was the favorite part of his day. :)

AND, I couldn’t send my boys off without a little treat of their own in their lunch boxes! 


{I got this printable from bethproudfoot}
Lol -- I guess we had a cookie theme this year! =)
And the best part of this day? Both boys had a GREAT first day and LOVE their teachers!! Little Man’s teacher was described by a few other moms as the type of teacher that really loves the kids and gets so attached to the kids that she cries on the last day of school! Aw . . .xoxo We’re so excited for what this year will bring! I hope your kids have had a great start back to school as well!


Naiman Family said...

So glad your boys had a great first day. :)

Tonia @ said...

I am so glad to hear it all went well! My kids have had a great start to the school year. Lots of grumbling from my teen but that's to be expected, right? ;)

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