Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Two Ingredient Pumpkin Muffin Recipe - HELLO!

I KNEW I loved Pinterest for a reason!! Can you believe these pumpkin muffins were made with just 2 ingredients? I almost didn’t believe it myself!! If you follow my blog, you know I’m not one to post intricate recipes, so when I do post a recipe, you know it’s going to be something good! I LOVE to bake – but I am all about easy!! And these muffins were EASY and GOOD FABULOUS!!
How did I discover these amazing muffins?? {Because, yes, this discovery is so amazing, I felt like Columbus, Vespucci & Magellan all rolled into one!} ;o) These yummy muffins have just started showing up on Pinterest and I saw them via The Big Red Kitchen. The recipe was so easy, and I was so excited at this *treasure* I found, I couldn’t help but share it with all my friends!


Hello yumminess! And they are perfect for fall! So, what two ingredients do you need? Just these! {I swear} I was a doubter, so I HAD to make these myself just to be SURE they worked! ;o)

1 BOX yellow cake mix
1 16 oz. can of pumpkin purée (Some recipes say use a purée and NOT pie mix. Well, I used the pie mix and it turned out just fine? Maybe it was a little stickier. I guess I'll just have to make it with pumpkin purée too to find out!) :o) UPDATE: The pumpkin purée IS better. I made it both ways and it's delicious, but the purée is more of a normal/cakey texture! Hope that helps!

 1. Mix the pumpkin and the cake mix with a mixer until smooth and blended.


2. When you’re done blending {ignore the wooden spoon in the bowl, thanks.) you should have a cake/dough consistency in your bowl, mixing in nice little peaks.


3. Put in muffin cups and bake at 350 degrees for 20-25 minutes.


4. Remove from oven and let cool completely before frosting or eating! These muffins don’t need ANY frosting to be delicious BUT you could sprinkle some powdered sugar on them or make cream cheese frosting. {The cream cheese frosting was a big hit with my boys.}


And if you have any extra batter, you should really make a few extra muffins with chocolate chips in them! Just sayin.’

These muffins were SO good! I know they will be a huge holiday hit this year! Another bonus? They are egg free! Perfect for those with allergies! {Always be sure to check your pumpkin mix though!} I am still a little dumbfounded that these muffins work with only two ingredients!!  
UH – mazing! Are you a doubter like me? WELL, then you MUST make them yourself! Just to be sure. :) And ENJOY your new favorite treat!!

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Lacee said...

Hello! New follower here :) I've been seeing these on Pinterest too and wondered if they were good. Couldn't believe only 2 ingredients! Glad to know they turned out yummy and are worth making. Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to following you.

Lacee @ Mommas Like Me

Tonia @ TheGunnySack.com said...

Really??? It sound too good to be true! I have some pumpkin in the cupboard so I should really try this out!!

Anonymous said...

I was in the store today trying to find something "pumpkin'y" to make but I had no idea and I didn't want to stand in the store on my phone looking for ingredients. I love this. I can remember this without making a list lol!

Linda :) said...

Hi :) Just found you today....and am following :)

Love your kitchen redo!

These muffins look amazing....will try them very soon...if fall is coming might as well embrace it with some pumpkin yumminess!


Linda :) said...

I just made these and shared on my blog...
I linked back to you :)
Would love for you to follow me back!

Have a blessed day!

Tess Maxey said...

I made these too and thought they needed a little more flavor so I made them again and added pumpkin pie spice and they were even better!

MoniqueNB said...

Hi there! I love this two ingredient trick! I have done this trick using a few different mixes. I love using the dark chocolate cake mix, semi sweet choc chips and a can o'pumpkin to make cookies. Can we say, YUM-O! I have also done coookies using the spice cake mix and a can o'pumpkin. I bought carrot cake mix and golden raisins today so I will be trying that combo out tonight. The possibilities are endless! Have fun and happy baking! :)~Monique

Reannah @ {Shaped by Grace} said...

Thanks Tess and Monique!! Those variations sound delicious!!

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