Wednesday, November 16, 2011

How do YOU Pinterest?

I am IN LOVE with Pinterest!! In fact, I can’t imagine what life was like without it! I mean, HOW did we bookmark our favorite sites before?? ;o) I just know there are so many ways to use Pinterest that I have yet to explore – here is what I use it for right now --

1) FOOD – Pinterest has made me a better cook. This ham & egg breakfast delight was Pinterest inspired. It was all my son would eat for two days while he was sick. I have a loooong list of goodies to make on my Food Even I Can Make board!


2) CLOTHES – well, if I looked HALF as good as my Pinterest My Style board, I would be one hot mama. I DO look for SOME of those clothes, but when you do most of your clothes shopping at Tarzhey, they’re kind of hard to find. ;o) New Year’s Resolution, branch out in {affordable} style. ;o) I did copy one Pinterest look though:

Pinterest version:

My version:

She managed to look chic and I managed to look like a pirate. It’s still a work in progress. :)

3) HOME DESIGN – Pinterest is SO inspiring for home décor and room designs! When I decorated my sister’s nursery this summer, we used Pinterest as a design inspiration board to bookmark ideas, including that book sling below, and coordinate a theme. Here is her Nursery Inspiration Board. 


4) CHRISTMAS LISTS!!! – Yes, I have taught my boys to “Pin It!” :o) It is an easy way to view their Christmas {and birthday since they’re all so close together!} lists, plus each picture links to the site where you can buy the gift! This is PERFECT for family who lives farther away!! Can you tell what toys Little Man is into right now?


I even made a wish list for myself! :):) But mostly so I can see things I need/like because whenever I get a gift card, or family asks, I always forget and end up wasting the money on an impulse buy. Maybe now I will be more focused!!

Oh, and my most repinned pin? This Recipe Binder Organizer:

Isn't this a great idea? {Have I used this yet? Ummm, no. See reason from style board above. If I was as organized as my "Organize It" pin board I wouldn't need a maid. But I can DREAM of being this ultra organized!} ;o)

I also have a board for crafts, free printables, holidays and such, but I’m sure there are many more ways to utilize Pinterest! How do you use it? Leave your comments below! I would love to hear how Pinterest inpsires YOU!!! 

PS: If you ARE on Pinterest – follow me! And if you’re not and WANT TO JOIN the party, message me your email {or comment below} and I will send you an invite! :) Happy Pinning!!

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jessicaclarke said...

FOllowing u back, thanks for stopping by

Anonymous said...

I am an organizational freak! I want to join the party! Please send me an invite...My twin sister is currently going thru chemo for breast cancer and we practically live on Pinterest while she is getting her treatment. I myself am a 4 year survivor. There are tons of ideas I would like to organize for my house, children and work. I have literally ran out of paper and ink so I need to be able to pin items and quit printing them!

Pleaese send me invite so I can follow you! THANK YOU!!!

Jeannette Block at

Tonia @ said...

I love Pinterest! I haven't had time to do much pinning lately but one of the things on my list for today is to head over to Pinterest for some Christmas inspiration! I'm following you on Pinterest now :)

Ann from On Sutton Place said...

I love Pinterest and seem to go in phases. I pin mostly decor ideas. I need to be more consistant with it...I still forget to pin things and regret it later!

Amy said...

I have seen many posts about pinterest,and I am sure it is interesting....shy to say,still I couldn't catch the method..oops I am still blur....:)

Colleen said...

I'm a crazy pinner myself:) So addicting!

Anonymous said...

I love pinterest and have been waiting for and invite. that would be so great. it is so addictive to read others' picks. thank you.

Lacee said...

I think I have those same ham and egg thingys pinned too! Good to know your son liked mine would too :)

Renewed Upon a Dream said...

Haha! My style pin board is much more stylish than me as well. For some reason I know what I like when I see something, but I can't put it together on my body for the life of me!

Shiloh said...

I have been loving Pinterest as well. I also struggle with clothes.:)
I don't know yet what my favorite category is. I'm still deciding.:)

Jazmin @ The Miller's said...

Glad we share the common obsession I mean love ;) for pinterest! :o)


Caitlin@cait. create. said...

I love pinterest too! :) I need to make a "pin it" Christmas list. Too cute! My kids would love to be able to pin it themselves.

Anonymous said...

Pinterest is so awesome, isn't it? And a total time sucker as well, ha. I'm going to have to jump over and check out your boards! :-)

Elizabeth said...

I love pinterest! Just found you via twitter :) I am your newest follower - love what I am seeing here :)

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