Saturday, November 12, 2011

Introducing My #1 Son

Eleven years ago my #1 son (not in favor, just in birth order) ;o) was born. This post is a little dedication to him, so prepare yourself for some sappy, gushy mom lovin’ blog lovin’! Thanks for indulging me. :)

If a birth is in any way reflective of a child’s life my children’s birth stories would be just that. My first little man arrived in 90 min., (45 minutes of that was hard labor.) Feel free to hate me a little bit for that labor, but maybe the little guy was thinking of me. Seriously, don’t know if I could have handled it longer than 45 minutes anyways. How do some people last hours!!! You can like me again though, because he came so fast, I didn’t use any drugs. But after looking at these sweet dimples, I didn’t' care about labor, drugs, or anything else, for that matter. Just about keeping him happy and keeping those dimples on his face…

3 months old: I think he was running for baby President in this picture.

And HE WAS BORN ON HIS DUE DATE! Apparently only 4-5% of babies are born right on their due date. He has continued to be an on time, rule follower kind of guy ever since. As a baby he was very happy (minus needing to eat EVERY two hours for 3 months straight. I thought I’d go a little loopy – okay I DID go loopy!) He was a chubs! We’re talkin’ tire rings on the thighs AND arms! :)

At 6 months. Still full of smiles! { And drool}  He was a sweet little kiddo!

At 9 months he was walking!! Seriously! We’re not talking steps, people. As soon as he figured out those chubby legs could move him, he was off and running! And he hasn’t stopped since! Fast forward several years later and he is still a kid who likes to run:


He ran his first 1 mile kids race when he was 5 and has run 3-4 races every year since. This year, he ran his first 5k!! (So proud)

He also likes to play football and go snowboarding.


AND he loves books – especially Harry Potter! (Ah, a kid after my own heart)


So much so, that we took a trip to Orlando, FL last year just to see The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! (Okay, that trip may also have been *a little* bit because mom was a huge fan too!) It was the best trip ever! Of course, we had to dress up at the park!


{Just getting off the Hogwarts Express}

{Welcome to Hogsmead!}

{Herbology class!}

He is actually starting to outgrow this Harry Potter phase, so I am glad we got this trip in at the height of his interest!! :)

I love that he enjoys being active, but most of all, I love his HEART. When I asked him what two words he thinks defines him he said: “Positive Energy.”


He is a positive guy – even in the face of adversity, school and life.
When I asked him about other qualities he thought he had he said this:

“Well, I’m thoughtful… smart, and I like to read and play sports. I believe in God. That’s me.” 

Yep, buddy that IS you. I love that he loves the Lord, and that he is a good big brother. He calls his brother “little buddy” all the time and it makes me melt. He is always growing into be helper, a problem solver, a little gentleman and a good soul.

He is also REALLY good at fixing things. When I got mad at him for taking apart his calculator, he said ‘Why? I’ve done it before!” (Hmm, not to my knowledge.} But he put it back together. And IT STILL WORKS. Go figure. I guess that’s why he wants to go into engineering and architecture. Yes, he already knows what he wants to do AND where he wants to go to college for that matter. He had me look up good engineering schools and it turns out Stanford’s program is the one he likes best. Um, I sure hope that sport’s thing works out buddy, because I think a scholarship is going to need to be in your future!! :) But for now, I am cultivating the dream! :)

{ via Google images}


I like that he knows that I will be there to support him and that I encourage every dream he has. Even when that meant he wanted to be an army guy, a race car driver AND a professional LEGO builder all at the same time. :)

He is one smart cookie, and he is always saying sweet things. He has the heart of a pleaser, so I constantly pray that he will grow up to find someone that appreciates him and that will not take advantage of his sensitive and giving heart. He was looking a little down the other day and I asked him what was wrong. One question that came up was, was he bothered by something someone said? Worried about being cool? (Middle school life can be tough you know.) His answer: “Mom, I don’t worry about what other people think. I’m just me. They can take it or leave it.” Well, that just made my heart smile. I’m so proud of the young man he has become. I pray that he continues to grow up in confidence, to be a good person, with a kind, loving heart and soul, and the man God wants him to be. xoxo


And buddy, I AM SO PROUD OF EXACTLY WHO YOU ARE! I love you!!!!




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