Wednesday, November 2, 2011

If you give a 7 yr. old a camera…

So, the other day I let my son have the camera and have some fun. :) He probably only had the camera for about 5 minutes, but took about 30-40 shots! I guess speed was his forte more than the set up of the shot. ;o) Although, I kinda like this first one! :)


7 year olds tend to take pictures of things they are proud of:


And things they love:



whether those things want to be in the picture or not…


And of course, one must see what one’s self looks like on camera:




He even ‘staged’ a picture! {So proud!} lol ;o)


He has grown a lot from the time he was 2 and 3 when he would steal my camera and I would only get shots of the inside of his mouth and up his nose. ;o) Well, he obviously had fun! There’s really nothing more to this post! lol No deep thoughts, no reflections. :) We’re just enjoying the candy and the costumes and all the fun moments this week and I hope you are too!! :) {I AM working on another home decor project though (finally!) this time for my boys' room! I hope to post it soon!} Have a great week!


Lacee said...

Loved this!! Totally made me lol. My son does the same things w/ my camera. Sometimes he'll even steal my iPhone and record himself singing songs and such...too funny!

Tonia @ said...

So cute! When my son was 3 we gave him a disposable camera to use to use on a weekend vacation. He took the first picture and then wanted to view the results. He was devastated and started sobbing because he couldn't see the picture! But all his life, the only kind of camera he had know was a digital one. Weird how life goes!

Reannah @ {Shaped by Grace} said...

Thanks girls! Lacee - where are those videos?? lol And Tonia - that is hilarious! Our kids are totally being brought up in the technology age! I asked my son what a VCR was and he said: "A remote?" Sigh. :)

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