Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Splish Splash Blog Bash: Summer Reads

Before you read my list, let me just tell you: I'm an English teacher, and yes, I know I have a very eclectic selection of books! What other collection has vampires, bullying and heaven all in one list? :)

So here we go:


  The Hunger Games Trilogy – seriously, get on it! 

Heaven is for Real - by Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent
This book is about a 4 year old who goes to heaven while on the operating table and retells his story to his parents.

How We Love Our Kids - By Milan and Kay Yerkovich

Organization books and magazines {because 1. I need it and 2. It’s what my book club is reading.} :)

Some books I would like to read this summer are:

ABRAHAM LINCOLN - VAMPIRE HUNTER, by Seth Grahame-Smith – seriously! A friend let me borrow this and said it is better than it sounds. I’m hoping it’s one of those books that are surprisingly good!

This version:

 And not this one. ;-)


Out of My Mind - by Sharon M. Draper {A book about bullying. It's juvenile  fiction, but still looks good.}

The Marriage Bargain - by Jennifer Probst. This one is about a billionaire who arranges a one-year marriage contract with a book store owner who needs the money for her struggling business. {Hey, a girl can dream right?} lol

See? Eclectic!! BUT I am a firm believer in 2 things:

1. IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOU READ, as long as you are reading!!! And you owe it to your imagination:

And 2. Reading seriously improves your mind. So turn off that TV and read a book! Trust me -- and this poster:

Hee hee! So sad... you wouldn't want that to happen to YOUR books would you?

So, spill it! What are your favorite summer reads? I would love to add more books to my list!!! :D

Woo hoo for day 2 of the Summer Blog Bash! Click the links below to see what the other party gals are reading!




Julie E said...

That Jersey Shore picture is the best!

Four Marrs and One Venus said...

Love your list- totally writing some down for myself that you recommended! Thanks girl!

Kelsey @ Tattered and Inked said...

Love that Jersey Shore pic!!! I've heard good things about that Abraham Lincoln book so I might have to try that out too! Thanks for the picks!!!

Kari at A Grace Full Life said...

OMG this is so funny....I literally have five books in my Amazon cart right now. I could have them sent to my Kindle but they are only a buck or two more than the paper version and there is just something about a REAL book!
I have so many I want to read this summer:
The Bloggess' book
This book about a man who was Amish and left the order.....can't think of the name
Emily Giffin's newest book....
the list goes on and on.
Isn't the Abraham Lincoln book being made into a movie too?

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