Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What I Wore to Elevate

Saturday I had the privilege of attending the Elevate blog conference in Fountain Valley, CA. It was so awesome to be surrounded by such motivating and talented women!! There is so much to say about this amazing conference -- I’m warning you now, it won’t fit in one post. I thought I’d get the juices flowing with What I Wore to the conference and go into details when I really have time to write this weekend. SO here we go…

I wore this Anthropologie {of course!} strapless top. It’s only available online, for now, but I love that it ties around the waist. The top is partly covered by this adorable craft they had ready for us! Everyone got to choose one of three quotes. I chose “Choose Joy” because it represents my life and attitude and last summer I had the honor of dancing in a church workshop and the theme was, you guessed it - “Choose Joy!” I also wore this smile on my face the ENTIRE day of the conference because everyone was SO nice and the day was so smooth and fun!!

JUNEMusicANDElevateBlogConference 056

Here is another picture of my outfit  – although it is definitely outshined by my star studded arm candy! Do you recognize Summer from Made by Munchies Mama,  Nichole from Yeung Mother Hubbard and Jen from Delightful Deets? Holla!

JUNEMusicANDElevateBlogConference 052

Top: Anthropologie
Jeans: Express 
Shoes: Yellow ballet flats not shown

Here is another picture – but who am I looking at? I don’t know. lol And, I didn’t realize what a giant I am! I’m sure glad I wore my flats!

JUNEMusicANDElevateBlogConference 053

I would personally like to invite you to the next Elevate conference because these girls know how to throw a party!! Here are just a few sneak peek photos of the event!

JUNEMusicANDElevateBlogConference 074

JUNEMusicANDElevateBlogConference 079

JUNEMusicANDElevateBlogConference 081

JUNEMusicANDElevateBlogConference 084

JUNEMusicANDElevateBlogConference 086

I hope you come back to visit soon to read the entire recap!! Because, I didn’t even touch on the inspiring speakers that we heard and the games! {And, boy, were there games. Let me just say, you don’t get Vaseline and cotton balls all over your nose unless some good fun is being had.}

JUNEMusicANDElevateBlogConference 103

This is the blurry teaser picture. Oh, there is so much evidence of the madness and FUN to come!
See you soon!

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Holly Lefevre said...

Your outfit was gorgeous! and so are you. So happy to have met you. They did a great job on this conference! You'll have to come to the So Cal Social in October too!

Kelly said...

So I totally laughed out loud at that last photo!! Interesting....can't wait to hear the rest!!!! Fun, fun! And boy you are TALL! :):)

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