Thursday, June 28, 2012

Splish Splash Blog Bash: Summer Threads

Woo to the hoo! Day 4 of the Blog Bash! {Can you believe I have managed to blog EVERY DAY this week!?!} That never happens! Thank you SUMMERTIME and thank you to Kelsey, once again, for planning such a fun week of posts!! Make sure you come back tomorrow for the last day of the blog bash because that’s the BEST day!!! The group giveaway!!! {Yay!}

Today’s theme is SUMMER THREADS. Well, you all know you’ll find me wearing my pink rainbow flip flops {or any flip flops} most days in the summer along with shorts or sundresses. {Love!} Here are some other summer outfits I’ve been inspired by from Pinterest-land:


This outfit is so me! I would love to find a lacy tank top like that!! {If YOU know where to find it - PLEASE let me know!!}

I love the colors in this outfit, even though it’s waaay too hot for jeans here:


And I also love this outfit – especially with the fedora!


I have actually started shopping off of my Pinterest boards lately! {Say what?} For reals! Or at least I'm trying to find outfits close to it. I have shorts like these and now I even have a fedora! lol

I especially get inspired by this girl…

Hey, I’m a brunette – if I buy these clothes I’ll look JUST like her too. Right?… ;-)

But, you know, inspiration comes from all kinds of places. I was at the local water park a couple weeks ago and saw this girl wearing a white crochet bathing suit. It was SO cute I actually stopped and asked her where she bought it!! And guess what, yeah, I did the crazy thing and went right home and bought it for myself! {But, hey, I don’t expect to see her again, so the odds of us showing up at a pool party in the same suit is slim to none.}

And I’m not one for throwing around pictures of me in a bathing suit, but this suit I just reeaally love! 
JuneSummer 003 (2)
Bathing Suit: Diane’s Swimwear
Shorts: O’Neill

Check out that crochet detail!
JuneSummer 003

{Ahem} Note to self:  Dear self, please wear sunscreen, even under the crochet part that you think covers you, otherwise you will end up with a nice pattern of red spots on your tummy… xo

Today was the first time I wore this suit and I kind of feel like it’s more like a cute tank top than a bathing suit! It was also perfect to wear while hanging with the kids!

How about you? What’s your favorite summer outfit? Where do you get your style inspiration from?




Stesha said...

I LOVE the swim suit!! you look hot lady!


Elyse said...

I love, love, love the bathing suit!!! There is no way I could pull that off, so you just go ahead with your bad self and rock it on out girl! You look GOOD! I think you just inspired me to put the box of wheat thins away....

Kelly said...

YOU ARE SOO CUTE!!!!!!! Love your style lady!

Kelly @ View Along the Way said...

You are beautiful! I love that crocheted suit. I keep thinking if I dress like Kate, I'll look like her too. And talk like her. And be royal. Hmm.

Four Marrs and One Venus said...

haha! Cracking up at the Sunscreen part-- where is the photo of that? ;) Cute Suit girl- really cute!! Love that store too! You look amazing girl- Cheers to Summer- We need to all hit Laurie's Pool!!!!

Reannah @ {Shaped by Grace} said...

Haha! Seriously! I was always told "dress for the job you want, not the job you have." I think I'll start dressing like a Princess then! ;-)

Cat said...

Super cute! I wish I were tiny enough for a suit like that! I'm loving breezy dresses with flip-flops, and my short-shorts with a cute T right now. And when I'm really feeling lazy, or need to go for a run, I'm usually in my Old Navy terry shorts and a favorite old t-shirt. Comfy!

Barbara S said...

Thanks. I've now fallen in love with that lace tank! Found something similar

Reannah @ {Shaped by Grace} said...

Ha! You're welcome Barbara! ;-) And thanks for the link! Someone else said it was from American Eagle, but it's sold out there. :( I'll have to check this one out from Forever 21! Thanks! :)

Julie E said...

That first layered top set is awesome! Loving your clothing picks. Love your blog Reannah. I'm giving you the versatile blogger award.

Gallamore West said...

Ohmygoodness, I LOVE it!! Super cute, and you look great in it! I just saw Jen's comment... come on over girls!
Laurie :)

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