Monday, July 16, 2012

Getting to Know You: Siblings

"Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters." {Singing that song from White Christmas!} Do you know it? My sister and I love that movie - and that part! :)

Thanks to Nay at Cover to Cover and Everything in Between for hostessing a "Getting to Know You" Series, starting with: SIBLINGS! This was perfect timing too since I just returned from a visit to New York to see my little sister! So, here are my answers! I know I have welcomed a lot of knew friends to this blog recently as well, so I hope you enjoy getting to know a little bit more about me {and my sisters!}

1) How many siblings do you have and what are their names?

I have two sisters. Katrina is the oldest and Laura is the youngest. That puts me in the middle. Awesome sauce.

2) What is the age range among the children in your family?

My sister Katrina, Trina or Tree depending on my mood, ;-) is 5 years older than me and my little sister, Laura, is 18 months younger. I would say I am closer to my younger sister, since we are so close in age and went through most of school together.

3) In what ways are you like your siblings?

  We all have similar senses of humor  and we are most alike in looks – oh, and we all have awesome fashion sense as the picture below so beautifully displays:

4) In what ways are you different from your siblings?

  I am definitely the most girly girl out of all of my sisters. Even though all of us have some athletic/tom boy in us I got the dressing up, doing hair, crafty, girly gene. Although sometimes I wrangled my sister in the dressing up fun...

      {That's me on the far left, my little sister in the middle and a friend on the right.} Even though I was older, people used to think my little sister and I were twins ALL THE TIME because we were the same height most of our lives. It didn't help that my mom often dressed us alike as well. It used to bother me a lot. However, my sister stopped growing in 8th grade and I kept going. She's now 5'3" and I'm 5'7". {Ah, vindication!}                


      5) What is the craziest sibling story you've got?
      Crazy sibling story? Hmmm… Really, the most crazy stories involve me rescuing my sister out of some trouble she got into (Yes, I was the goodie two shoes – GOOD one!!) But the rest of our stories involve cars – usually getting stuck on the side of the road somewhere or some sort of misadventure.  For example, one time our family decided to take our old VW bus on a road trip. Remember the movie “Little Miss Sunshine?” Well, we had that EXACT VW bus. Curtains and all. We even had to do the running push start sometimes! Our VW bus was old, vintage, beat up and kind of broken down, so naturally my parents thought it would be a GREAT idea to drive it from Los Angeles all the way up to Washington State to see our cousins. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to guess how this story is going to end. Yep, we made it about a third of the way before something broke and we got stuck on the side of the road.  That was it. Two week vacation over in less than one day. We got our car patched up and hobbled home. The nice ending to this sad story is that when we got home some friends from church had rented us a car!! We so desperately wanted to hop right in and go back to our vacation, but my parents said we needed to pay to fix our car. So, it became a stay-cation.  At least this misadventure gave us a story to tell! 
    6) Any treasured memories or routines you shared with your siblings?
      Even after that story my favorite memories with my sisters are still family vacations and our annual family camp and camping trips with church! Most of these vacations were in our local mountains, so we didn't have too many car worries on these trips!

     7) What are your siblings' best talents? 
 My older sister can sing really well. My younger sister – is being super smart a talent? I swear that girl collects college degrees! She is also a new mommy and wonderful at it!

     8) You and your sibling get to share one perfect meal.  What is on the table?

      Mexican or Italian!! My little sis and I both love to cook, so she or I would probably make the meal and I would make dessert. When I visited her in New York she took me to some of her favorite restaurants!! We even went on a dessert tour! Yum! But, as long as we're together, any food would be delicious!

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