Sunday, July 22, 2012

if you really knew me.


If you really knew me…

You would know that I love the Lord and love my neighbor.

You would know that I love the smell of cookies and sweet bread baking…
that I love chocolate and tulips but if you really want to make my day, write me a letter or sing me a song.

You would know that reading a good book with my toes in the sand will put a smile on my face any day of the week
and that someone lying to me will take it away just as fast.

You would know that I love my family and adore my kids.

You would know that I once read a story about a parent living in regret over their child’s death, because the last words they said to each other were something mean and that after reading that story, I make sure every time I leave my kids, 
the last words I say are something nice, 
and always, 
I love you.

If you really knew me..

You would know that I was once a good dancer
And that I still dance – even when no one is watching.

You would know that I am a weak person and that it’s only God that makes me strong.

You would know that I’m a perfectionist
and that I make mistakes.
Sometimes a lot of them.

You would know that thanks to a college professor I now have a fascination with Mt. Everest.
If you knew me, you would know that I have a lot of dreams
and that I keep reaching for them
even when I fall.

If you knew me
you would know that I can’t watch scary movies late at night
and, if I do, I have to watch a funny movie right afterward, before I can go to sleep.

You would know that I like a clean house but I don’t like to clean.
Dishes are my least favorite; doing laundry is calming.

You would know that I love to laugh

I love surprises

And making up silly songs.

If you really, really knew me, you would know that today is my birthday

and that all I want is my life to make a difference.

That I am passionate

and imperfect

and that’s okay.

How about you?




Laura from Top This Top That said...

Happy Birthday- what a beautiful post. enjoy your day and all of life's surprises!

Nicole Marie said...

Beautiful girl!

Nay said...

Happy Birthday my sweetes blogging friend. You are a gift to everyone you meet. And this post? It made me love ya even more!

Four Marrs and One Venus said...

Ok I love ya lady!! Awesome post, love reading all about you...and Happy Birthday to you! Your gorgeous inside and out! Enjoy this great day!!

cupsbykim said...

Happy Birthday!! And this was a great post! It's so great to learn some insight into some other blogger friends. And very inspirational! Thanks for sharing!!

Naiman Family said...

What a fabulous post. You are talented beyond words ad an inspiration. Happy, happy birthday. :)

Kelsey @ Tattered and Inked said...

Happy happy birthday!! So many things that would make it to my list too :) Definitely always have to watch a funny movie after a scary movie- drives hubby bonkers but it's the only way to wash my mind of the scariness enough!!

Kelly said...

Beautiful post!!!

Jess @ Colorful Ones said...

Happy Birthday! I just found you via the "If you really knew me" linky at The Wiegand's... nice to meet you! :) I look forward to digging deeper into your blog :) Oh, and I make up silly songs, too!

Kelly said...

Happy birthday! Great post!

-Kelly @ View Along the Way

The Sherman Four said...

oh my gosh what a great post!!!!!!

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