Monday, July 30, 2012

Birthday Tea Party

I love birthdays!! I especially love that they bring friends and family together and it’s an excuse to plan and do something fun – and maybe out of the ordinary! This year I’ll actually be doing a few things for my birthday. I just went to the OC Fair with some friends to see Tenth Avenue North {one of my favorite bands} and in a couple weeks I’ll be going Zip Lining!! {I’ll definitely let you know how that goes! I’m excited and nervous for it!} And this weekend I celebrated with a tea party at a local Tea House by the beach!

Recognize this milk jug from my antique shopping day?

JulyBirthday 003

JulyBirthday 002

Those cookies above were made using the famous recipe by Jen at Delightful Deets!

JulyBirthday 017

I made these lemon muffins, too. They are topped with butter cream frosting and lemon and orange fruit snacks! My friend and birthday buddy, Shaina, also brought sandwiches, fresh fruit and chocolate peanut butter cupcakes! (Please add GOOD FOOD to the list of things I like about birthdays!) :)

The Lavender Lounge:

JulyBirthday 048

JulyBirthday 050

I love this sign!! I wish I could show up to work at “10ish” lol!

Here is the full table set up; the employee asked us if we could please decorate the tea lounge for her every day! ;-)

JulyBirthday 023

I thought the Tea Lounge had some unique décor on it’s own – which is one of the reasons my friend chose this location - that AND it's close to the beach! (I especially liked the hard wood floors, beams and that little tea cup napkin holder shown below!)

PicMonkey Collage

JulyBirthday 010

Each person’s seat had a little goodie bag with chocolate covered almonds (put together by Shaina!) and Tangerine Orange flavored tea, wrapped like a little bow (my contribution):

JulyBirthday 004

And then we just enjoyed each others company and catching up with some new and old friends we hadn’t seen in a while!

JulyBirthday 043

One of the things I love about my birthday is that it is very close to that of one of my best friends! Every year we usually try to do something together and this year, it was this Tea Party!!


The official birthday cupcake


Make a wish!


Another favorite part of the day – everyone writing us birthday notes on these signs! What a special memory to take home with us from a really fun day!!


And the icing on the cake (ha!) to make it an even MORE full day – that night we went to a concert in the park to see a Beatles cover band! {It was actually REALLY fun!!!}

JulyBirthday 061

And there may have been dancing…

JulyBirthday 080

But there was definitely good company:

JulyBirthday 064

Good friends creating fun memories. That’s what it’s all about. Thanks for reading about my special day! How about you? Do you like celebrating birthdays as much as I do? :)



Four Marrs and One Venus said...

How fun! What a perfect way to celebrate your birthday lady! Those cupcakes look absolutely yummy..I like the sweet fruit snack top!
Glad you had a wonderful day!

Gallamore West said...

So much fun!! I want to have a "10ish" job too. What a cute place!! Glad you had a great birthday... you deserve it! Yay for JULY!!
Laurie :)

Lois Christensen said...

Stopping by from your Facebook page to say hi. Your blog is lovely. And it looks like you had a great birthday celebration!

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