Sunday, August 12, 2012

The One About Running

So I decided to run a half marathon.

 Let me start this post with saying:

I AM NOT A RUNNER!! I don’t even play one on TV. 

I also use the word “Run” pretty loosely. When I say run, I usually mean a nice shallow jog, walking whenever I feel like it.

My kids like to run. I’ve entered them into kid’s 1 mile races and my 11 yr. old just started running 5k’s. Using the above running strategy makes running those 1 mile races pretty easy though. And you should see the cool pictures I took on the last 5k I walked ran with my 8 year old.

About four years ago, however, I actually did run the LA Marathon. Twice. Why? Because the school where I teach had a marathon team for middle school students and they needed a teacher to help. My initial thought: if a 12 year old can do it – so can I! 


Nothing is more humbling than being on mile 11 or 19 and seeing a tiny 12 year old blow past you.
I ran in the back of the pack of our team, making sure all of our students finished the race -- which made it a really long race, and not always my best time. (Not that I was fast to begin with. There was a reason I volunteered to be last!) It was one of the hardest things I have ever done and I’m very proud of just finishing the marathons. (Did you know statistics say only about 2% of the world’s population have run a marathon?!?) Item #1 on the bucket list – check!! And the sense of accomplishment of finishing the race cannot be beat!

But that was then. 

This is now. 

I haven’t really run since then. I’m active, but not really a runner. So, when my friend said she signed up for a half marathon and asked if anyone wanted to join her, I immediately said yes. I’m not sure what I was drinking that day or what I ate, but for some reason, it seemed like a good idea. And our goal: TO RUN MOST OF THE 13.1 MILES, IF NOT THE WHOLE THING. Yikes.

Enter our training runs:

As we started our slow intro jog, all I could think of was how tired I already was from the day and how I pretty much wanted to stop after a few steps. But I pushed on. After all, how embarrassing to be the first one to walk. (Or so I told myself.) I tried to chat as we ran, but it’s kind of hard to talk and run for lengthy periods of time. Outwardly I was smiling. People walking past were smiling at us. (I imagine they were thinking, “Wow, those girls are really fit! Check them out going for a run!”) While inside I wanted to give up and thought I was going to die. Seriously – my body could not even remember how to breathe.  But, people were walking past us remember! I had to save face. And we were only halfway through. No stopping for this girl. When you’re going for a run, peer pressure really works. If they run – you run. If they stop, you stop. 
Except we didn’t stop. 
I always prided myself in the fact that my body doesn’t really sweat. Maybe a slight, pretty glow. Maybe. Well, I discovered that it’s not my body makeup – it’s the fact that I never worked myself hard enough to break a sweat.
Times have changed.

We ran our entire training run. I was exhausted. Sweaty. Hot. Weak. And sore. But I finished it!

1 mile down. Only 12.1 to go…

Do you run? Any tips would be appreciated! :)


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