Friday, August 17, 2012

I {Heart} Summer Vacation

Summer is quickly drawing to an end here in So Cal. Many students have started school already, but over here we have 2 more glorious weeks!! This past week we spent primarily at my favorite spot: the beach!

The best vacations {in my book} are stay-cations! Especially when we are lucky enough to live 15 minutes from beautiful scenery and days like this:

Doheny2012 046

Even though we were close to home, we felt miles away because we were CAMPING! It’s a new family tradition that we do every year! My son has even learned to set up the tent {mostly} by himself.

Doheny2012 001

The campground is right on the beach, which means we got to spend most of the days with our toes in the sand, splashing in the water, riding our bikes on the trail and just RELAXING!! Here are some pictures of the fun we had this week!

Doheny2012 018

Doheny2012 032

My friend, Valerie, made these neon yellow shirts for all the kids to wear! With so many families (10!) and kids, it made it easy for the adults to see which kiddos belonged with our group! I’m also glad they were all the right ages not to be ‘too cool’ to wear them!

Doheny2012 002

Doheny2012 022
My loves xo

Both my boys enjoyed some of their  favorite activities – riding bikes and boogie boarding!
Doheny2012 035

Doheny2012 080

Doheny2012 037

Our last night we all got together and had a potluck. I was amazed at how well we ate for camping! (That is all in thanks again, to my friend Valerie who organizes this all! I would probably starve and freeze if I tried to go camping alone!)

Doheny2012 089 

Doheny2012 090

Homemade Ice Cream while camping? I think yes!

PicMonkey Collage2

During one of our beach days one of the parents found a whole bunch of tiny brittle stars on some seaweed that had washed ashore!! {Don’t worry – they all made it back safely into the ocean!} There’s nothing like a little marine science education when you’re at the beach! {Yes, this teacher makes everything a teachable moment - wink} Can you make out the tiny sea star my son is holding?

Doheny2012 063

We even learned how to fry a freshly caught fish. Really.

Doheny2012 115

Despite all my 8 yr. old’s pleas, he was not allowed to eat it. I know. Mean mommy. But actually he was more fascinated in the bones afterward anyway. {That fish still grosses me out! But, hey, that’s nature! More power to my little nature boys.}

And of course we enjoyed the bonfires, s’mores, family time and beautiful sunsets…

Doheny2012 109

Doheny2012 100

Doheny2012 098

No matter what we were doing this week, we just HAD FUN together because that’s what vacations are all about, isn’t it? Until next year…

Doheny2012 055

Do you have a family vacation tradition? Where do you like to go?



Four Marrs and One Venus said...

How fun girl! I love the beach...and what perfect weather to enjoy it! Your boys and you are simply too cute for words! Ack- On the fresh fish! lol but Oh yum yum on the homemade ice cream and smores! So happy you got to enjoy this time with your kiddos!

Naiman Family said...

What a wonderful week and tradition.

Gallamore West said...

Gorgeous!! Glad you had a great time. The weather looked perfect!
Laurie :)

Laura Vega said...

Wow!!!! The pic of Sean putting up the tent is the first time he's really looked like a teenager to me. He's growing so fast!!!

Erin @ His and Hers said...

We just got back from camping! But no beach was involved. Western NY doesn't boast quite as many as California. ;)

And I just saw that you are an English teacher--me too! Woo hoo! I love finding other bloggers that teach, especially if the content happens to be English. What grade(s) do you have?

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