Monday, August 27, 2012

Mirrored Key Holder

Ever since I remodeled my kitchen, I lost the spot where I used to hang my keys. {I used to have a key holder on my kitchen wall, but my new backsplash won’t allow me to hammer a hole in it. Boo!} I kept saying I would find a new spot {Hmm, maybe under one of those frames already by my door?} but I never did.

It has been one year since that remodel. ONE YEAR people! And my keys have been everywhere: on my table, in my purse, on the counter. Everywhere but in the same spot. Ever. So finally I had to do something!

Enter the only wall space by the door that I have:

AugustBLOGit 016

I LOVE that “You are My Sunshine” canvas and will be finding it a new home fast! But, that wall corner was the best place for my keys. If you follow me on Facebook, you may remember some of my recent garage sale finds. One of my favorite purchases was this wooden mirror for $2!
All it needed was a little TLC to get rid of the spots and dirt and it was good to go!

All spotty...

AugustBLOGit 018

All pretty!

AugustBLOGit 017

To make this mirror an official key holder, I added some hooks on the bottom edge of the frame. I originally wanted dark or black hooks, but since my goal for this project was also not to go out and buy anything, I used three white hooks I already had.

AugustBLOGit 020

I screwed them evenly into the bottom of my mirror but, still not satisfied, I distressed them a little to go with the wooden border.

Yes I distress everything – even hooks! lol It was quite easy – the paint chipped off as I was hammering them into place and I just scraped the side of the hammer against the hook until I got the look I wanted.

AugustBLOGit 021

I liked them much better after that! I even distressed them a little {a lot} more than this pictures shows:

AugustBLOGit 022

After that, all I had to do was anchor my mirror to the wall! I envisioned shattered glass everywhere, since hanging heavy objects isn’t my strong point, but hey – it’s been a couple days and it’s still in tact! {Yay!}

The final product…



I also like that the hooks aren’t super obvious when no keys are on it. You know, in case the Queen comes over for tea. ;-)


What’s funny, is the first day I used my new mirrored key holder – I couldn’t find my keys! Why? Because I was looking where I usually do: on the counter... in my purse... on the table... Sure enough, they were hanging right where they should be – on their new hooks. Now I know. And won’t forget. ;-)

Sometimes the simplest projects are my favorite!


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Jazmin @ My Little Memory Jar said...

I love this! You did awesome!

Four Marrs and One Venus said...

haha! The queen comes over- I love it! Great job..I love easy projects like this! I also love the fact that you were looking everywhere the other morning for you keys-- that are normally on your table, etc. - awesome!

Lacey said...

I like it! I need a version that holds backpacks. :)

Megan said...

Cute Reannah!! And the mirror, fabulous garage sale find for sure ;)

Melting Moments Blog said...

I need something like this. I've been looking to buy something but they'll all so big and bulky. Great idea.

Gallamore West said...

Super cute! And kind of funny too because I have always WANTED to have a place to hang my keys, but surprisingly I always know where they are because I always put them in my purse. So I don't have a key holder... but it's so cute that I still want one. And if the Queen comes over for tea, the hooks would already be empty! :))

Bebe428 said...

So cute! I need something like this, so my little miss stops grabbing my keys and setting the panic alarm off at random times of the day! HA! I'm a new follower from the Follow Me Wednesday Hop! Look forward to reading more!

april@gingerbread said...

Hey girl....I'm your newest follower from the blog hop! Can't wait to get to know you better!
I hope you will come follow back!

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