Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July With My Little Firecrackers!

We love July in this house! Not only is it my birthday month, but it is the country’s birthday too! So, we love to celebrate the 4th! This year we went to a church BBQ and then to Dana Point Harbor for fireworks over the ocean. It was one of the best 4th of July’s we’ve had! 

But first we had to have breakfast!! Each holiday {Christmas, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day} I decorate the table special for the boys. I love to surprise them in the morning with a fun table & sometimes a little treat or two. I guess they are getting used to it because Sean said “I wonder what the table is going to look like in the morning?” Well, the little elves {elf} was busy overnight and here is what my guys woke up to:

July 20115

We had red, white and blue food galore!
July 20114

{Those wanna-be cake pops on the left are really candy coated rice crispy treats!}

We also had “Firecracker Cupcakes” {which were really frosted blueberry muffins!}:

and we made “Firecracker Pancakes”!

Little man was very proud that he made his own:

He is a little bit of a camera ham…

{He’s holding the pinwheel and firecracker straw that came in his mason jar.}

But both Sean & Trev said their favorite breakfast treat was the sparkling red, white & blue firecracker drink! {I must say, the mom and former bartender in me was a little bit proud how they turned out too!}

Breakfast was so yummy we almost didn’t want to leave! BUT, we had a FULL rest of the day planned too! After breakfast we headed over to the park for a church BBQ. There was fun:

face painting:
July 20116

July 20111

A little boy next to Sean said “Just so you know, you look really cool.” {Aaw!}


and kickball!!

You would think we were tired after all this fun! {We were!} Fortunately we got to go home for a couple hours and rest before fireworks! One of our favorite places for fireworks is Dana Point Harbor!
The boys love sitting playing & watching the fireworks by the ocean,

and {despite my shoddy camera taking} the Harbor usually puts on a pretty good show!

Whew!! We had blast!! The final words were “Best 4th of July ever!!!” Until next year that is… ;o) And what do two energetic boys do after a day full of July 4th excitement?
July 20112

Yep. Mission accomplished! How about you? How did you enjoy the holiday this year? Tell me about your 4th of July fun in the comment box below!! I love hearing your ideas! :)
Happy 5th of July! :)

God Bless xo


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