Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Washcloth Cupcakes

Good afternoon cupcake lovers! Guess what? Pressed Down, Shaken Together is having a month long cupcake party in July!! Isn’t that a GREAT idea for a link party!?! I linked up my Watermelon Cupcakes there and then remembered I made these cuties a while back {before I had a blog} for a dear friend’s baby shower!


{This was one of my favorite gifts to make!} The bummer is – I don’t have any “how to make them” pictures from the shower… but I can tell you quickly & easily!



2 infant washcloths {I bought them in colors that coordinated with the baby’s room}
3 rubber bands per cupcake {Any color – but I like the outer rubber band to match the color of the cupcake liner I’m using, so I used white!}
Red Pom Poms {Or any color you like, but red looks like cherries!}
Hot Glue


1. Fold the 1st wash cloth in half and roll tightly. {This will be your INNER washcloth}

2. Rubber band it together.

3. Fold the 2nd washcloth in half and roll it carefully around the first washcloth, {Facing the SAME WAY} just a little looser than the first. *Remember that the FOLD of the cloths need to be on the same side and also be on top to end up as the top of your cupcake!{You’ll figure out the balance you like, and after that, it’s easy.} I usually had to “Fluff up” the center of the inner cupcake a bit to give it that frosting appeal.

4. Rubber band it together. {Optional – use pins instead of rubber bands for the 2 washcloths. My friend also had a little girl, so I knew she would use the rubber bands. If you get really good at rolling you might be able to roll both washcloths and only secure it once on the outside with a rubber band.}

5. Place in coordinating cupcake liners and secure with a matching rubber band & set aside.

For the “Cherry” on top:
*Glue a red pom pom on top of a toothpick. Hold it carefully for several seconds until it dries then insert {carefully} into the center of your cupcake!

And voilà! You’re done! You could go to a bakery and ask them for one of their half dozen or dozen “to go” cupcake boxes as a way to cutely wrap & gift these OR, like me, just place them gently on top of a gift basket:


I hope you have someone to share these sweet cupcakes with! If you have any questions about how to make them - feel free to ask!! And don’t forget to check out ALL the cupcake love going on over at Pressed Down, Shaken Together!

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Sarah said...

These are totally cute! I featured this on my "things I like thursday" post. Come check it out:


PS> I also have a headband giveaway going on! :)

Anonymous said...

Love this idea, i gonna make it for my sister in law.
And I will follow you


Lilioshka said...

I love, love, love them!!! Great idea!
Good job :)

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