Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sweet Rewards

 Most days my kids are pretty good. They help out around the house, use their manners and play well together. I’m a little old fashioned in that I think that kids are expected to do chores & such because they are part of the family and that rewards are for those moments when they go the extra mile or do something without asking. But let’s face it, sometimes kids need a little extra prodding and, maybe I’m relaxing in my old age, but for as often as I nag them about things, I need to remember to praise and {sometimes} reward them for those times when they are doing something RIGHT! So, thanks to the girls at eighteen25 and their free printable I made this cute little bubble gum jar! 


Taking a piece from this jar could be a reward or, as it is cleverly written, a “Bubble Gum Bribe” in a moment when you need an extra job done! {My boys couldn't even wait for me to glue this on before they wanted to 'test' a treat from the jar!!} :)


All you do is print this out on white card stock, cut it out {with scissors or a 3” circle punch.} and glue it in front of a cute ribbon or glue directly onto the jar. Mod Podge works as well! {AND PS – see that backdrop behind the jar? That’s a little sneak peek into a little redecorating I’m working on in the boys’ room!} Hee hee!

And if I’m keepin’ it real -- my boys have their not so mannered MOMENTS. {You know what I mean.} And for THOSE MOMENTS, there is also a printable for MOMS that says this:


Ha!! I love it! In fact, I was in such a hurry to make it that I just taped it on the side to see what it looked like & left it there! So now, when my boys are {ahem} a little rambunctious, I can pull this out of the cupboard & flaunt it in front of them while I eat a treat enjoy a little treat recharge! ;o)

Ready to make yours? Click HERE for your own set of free printable bribe & stash tags! 
{Oh - there is also one final printable tag on this link that is for teachers! It says “Teacher’s Treats”, but I am WAY too into summer to think about school right now! But it would be a great idea for a back to school teacher gift!}

I love them all, but my favorite is the “Mom’s Secret Stash” because it’s so unique! Now that I have braces, I guess I’ll have to get creative with Mom treats. Any ideas? How about you? What’s in your stash?



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