Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer Beach Camping Trip!

 With life so full and fast-paced nowadays, it is even MORE important to take time to REST! {Remember when God created the earth? What did he do on the 7th day? That’s right! He RESTED!} And we’re not even creating the earth. I’m lucky if I can create a clean house most days! But, it IS a reminder that even God thinks resting is important, and I’m not one to argue with God! So, my goal is to make sure that between summer cleaning and projects that the boys and I take as much time as we can to rest and do things together! SO, to start summer off right – we went camping!!! It was my boys’ FIRST TIME CAMPING! {Ever!} I had camped a lot growing up but have never had the chance to take my boys. So when opportunity {in the form of good family friends} knocked and asked us to go camping with them – we answered! It was an amazing time! And what is better than camping by the beach? {Not much, if you ask me} And hey – if ice cream is close by, you can’t really go wrong!


Of course setting up the tent was job numero uno. Thankfully our friend Tod knew what to do and my son was old enough to help!


All that hard work makes us hungry!


{Hey, this camping stuff is pretty easy when you have friends who know how to set up tents and cook great food!!!} ;o)

But, of course, most of our time was spent at the beach!

Camping 2011

And what do most boys like to do? Dig holes!! This was the result of hours of hard work. {I wonder if I would get the same result if I needed a hole dug in my backyard??} :)


One of the great things about beach camping, besides the beach, was that there were opportunities to do other things {like eat ice cream} …go on a bike ride


and take part in the Junior Ranger program where the kids learned about the different types of animals in the ocean! Little man in particular enjoyed this morning!


And we did A LOT of this:


and this…


Of course, no camping trip would be complete without a bonfire and s'mores!!

Recently Updated

Look at those JUMBO marshmallows my friend Valerie found!! 


The only bummer about a vacation is having to end it! But, it was a great time, full of fun, rest and family bonding. 


I’m so glad the boys loved their first camping trip! We can’t wait to go again! Where is your favorite place to go camping?

End note: I was reminded today just how short and precious our time here on earth is and how important it is to cherish every moment I have with my two boys! They truly are a gift from God and I want to treasure every minute of time I have with them and raise them to His glory...
 "Pour out your heart like water in the presence of the Lord. Lift up your hands to him for the lives of your children..." Lamentation 2:19  xo


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