Saturday, August 6, 2011

Burlap Wreath {Tutorial}

Have you noticed the burlap wreath craze going on right now? I have!! And I LOVE it!! I have had this burlap sitting around my house for MONTHS and have been wanting to make a wreath with it {then something called my kitchen makeover kinda got in the way!} And, since my kitchen is almost done, I wanted something new to dress up my front door for my newly dressed up house! There is lots of burlap wreath inspiration out there -- here is one more I hope you enjoy!

1. Gather supplies:
You will need: 
  • burlap (about 1 1/2 – 2 yards)
  • Floral wire or a wire hanger. (Hangers work better – I just happened to have some extra floral wire I wanted to try. **FYI - if you use floral wire -- be prepared to put some tape "stoppers" on the wreath to keep the burlap from bottoming out; also, for larger/front door wreaths, floral wire can lose it's shape - just slightly, so for a regular wreath, USE THE HANGER!! lol {Live & Learn}
  • Scissors & ribbon
2. Cut your burlap into 4” strips. The nice thing about this wreath {and burlap} is that you don’t need to be exact. You can eyeball it & it still looks nice!

3. Form your floral wire or wire hanger into the shape of a circle (I highly recommend the wire hanger):


4. Start threading your burlap onto the wire, accordion style as so:



5. Thread your first couple strips of burlap and than realize you are making your accordion HUGE and it does NOT look good, so take it all off and start over... {sigh}

6. Fix and then keep threading, and threading {and threading}… I recommend having your favorite show on here, or some really good music. {My current ‘pump me up’ craft music is Adele’s “Rollin’ in the  Deep!”} 
Still threading? Okay - I used about 12 strips of that burlap – but I wanted a super full wreath. Your number of strips will depend on the circumference of your wire and how thick you want your wreath. Really, once you get in the groove, the wreath only takes about 30 min. start to finish. When you are done, your wreath should look something like this:


7. As soon as you are happy with how full your wreath is, twist the end of your wire to close off your wreath, tie a ribbon around the top and hang it anywhere you think needs a little extra dressing up!
I was inspired to put some bunting across my wreath when my good friend Laurie at Gallamore West put bunting on her burlap wreath. {So cute!} Although – I think I need a new camera because the word ‘welcome’ on the bunting would not show up to save my life! {No, it wasn’t my camera setting. I DEFINITELY just need a new camera.} ;o) Here is where I got my {FREE} bunting printable - it comes in several colors! I used light blue:



I still have 4 yards of burlap left… what to do, what to do? Pillows? A table runner? What would you make? :)


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Claire said...

Love your wreath-burlap is one of my favs! I'm your newest follower -stop over for a visit! Claire

Anonymous said...

Love all that you can do with burlap, and this wreath is cute!! I would make pillows...well, if I knew how to sew that is. :-)

Reannah @ {Shaped by Grace} said...

Thanks girls! Kim -- I'm not that good at sewing either! But I heard pillows are pretty easy & are probably worth a try! :)

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