Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The story of a Kitchen Makeover

If you give a girl a paintbrush, she’ll probably ask for a can of paint. So, she’ll go to Home Depot, where she finds TWO perfect colors. With these colors she’ll decide to paint her kitchen: 


As she’s painting her kitchen, she’ll realize that adding a backsplash would be really nice: 


So, she’ll go back to Home Depot. She finds the perfect backsplash; {Stainless steel look & adhesive! Woot woot!} and while there she sees this… 

DSC01198{This picture makes me happy!} 

…and thinks: How great would a shelf be above the sink!!

 {My FAVORITE part of the kitchen is actually this shelf & baskets!!}

After putting up the shelf, she’ll probably need a nap! She’ll dream of what her kitchen looked like BEFORE she painted: 

Kitchen remodel
Kitchen remodel1
Kitchen remodel2
  {Chalkboard paint inside the cupboard door!}

{Kitchen Conversions Chart}

When she wakes up, she’ll be hungry! So she'll go into her new kitchen to get a snack. She’ll notice that her kitchen rug no longer matches… and she’ll go to the store to buy a new one... While there, she’ll probably see a few other things she needs…


When she returns from the store, she’ll sit on her couch, stare dreamily and smile across at her new kitchen!! <3 {LOVE!}


She’ll notice the red pillows on the couch… that totally clash with the kitchen. So she’ll ask to go to IKEA to get new pillows for the living room: 


But be prepared. Because if she does get a new pillow, she’ll probably want a paintbrush, to go with it… :)

Thanks so much for looking at my kitchen redo!! It's my first major project & I'm so excited to share it! I’ll have some “how-tos” and what I learned coming soon! For now, I'm going to go sleep in my new kitchen share where I bought some of the supplies and décor:
PAINT: Alabaster White & Cathedral Stone Grey {Lowes}
BASKETS: Michaels
RUG: Target
Inspired by this kitchen at The Lettered Cottage 

Here is the link that shares in detail how we made over this kitchen! {For LESS than $500 I might add!}
Budget Kitchen Makeover 

Thanks again for reading! Blessings!

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Carly said...

Your kitchen looks amazing! I love the "Give a mouse a cookie" story to go with your pictures. Very creative.

The Doodler said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm glad you found the lunch box notes!

Your new kitchen looks amazing! I adore the back splash! Especially since you pulled it all together for under $500. That rocks!

Brie from Darling Doodles

Cori said...

Love the two colors! And the little pop of blue. And I pretty much loved the whole post. Very cute!

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