Monday, August 22, 2011

The Simple Life

Sometimes unexpected things happen in life. For me, it was my car unexpectedly breaking down on our way home from Big Bear last weekend. Being stuck on the side of the road was no fun – and then I realized my car needed major repairs and I would have NO CAR for the rest of the week. Can you imagine what you would do with no car for one whole week?? My mind immediately ran down the list of all the places my kids needed to be, errands I needed to run, & important returns I needed to make. IMPORTANT. Key word. What was REALLY important that I HAD to do this week and what could I skip? Should I rent a car just to do these errands? I realized all the errands and returns were not immediate necessities. I had just gone grocery shopping, I had the keys to our community pool and I had a ride to take one son to his hip hop class & the other to a church sleepover. SO, I was GOOD. One week without a car! Let’s do this!

Here are some things I had time to do this week because I wasn’t running around like a crazy person doing errands:

WE MADE SNOW CONES!!! We have been meaning to make these for the past few weeks! What took us so long?? They were delicious & so easy to make!


{That snow cone syrup is sugar free too!} 




WE WENT HIKING on trails near our house. {Thanks to some very nice friends who picked us up so we could go!}


WE MADE MODEL AIRPLANES – another project we had been meaning to do:


AND we ordered pizza, watched movies, played Apples to Apples {Disney Version!} and did not miss running our errands one little bit! In the meantime, I know God is going to turn this little series of unfortunate car events into a blessing. For now, I am thankful for friends who came out of the woodwork to help a girl out and the precious hang out time with my not-so-littles. xo



Kari at A Grace Full Life said...

We only had one car for 4 months and though it was hard at times, it definitely put things in perspective.

Laura said...

Do you let your kids win at Apples to Apples or do you play them as competitively as you do adults????? :-)~ Just curious :)

Tonia @ said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your car but it looks like you had a great week anyway! I hate car problems and they are always so expensive!

Kasey @ Little Brick House said...

Sorry to hear about your car but it sounds like during the week it was being repaired you had tons of fun! :)

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