Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How to Skip a Rock

One of our favorite family vacation spots is Big Bear. My parents have a cabin up there and we drive up there at least a few times a year. In the winter we love to snowboard and have snowball fights, but in the summer, one of our favorite family traditions is to go to the lake and skip rocks! Skipping rocks is actually not something that comes naturally to everyone. {In fact – I am the worst rock skipper in the family!} It is definitely a skill worth learning though, so I thought maybe I would share how we taught my boys to learn to skip a rock!

Ideal rock skipping only requires a smooth, flat rock and a smooth, flat lake! {Notice it was a little windy at our lake that day, but we still had fun!}


So, here is HOW TO SKIP A ROCK:

1. FIND A GOOD ROCK. Part of the fun of skipping rocks is going rock hunting!


Look for rocks that are ROUND, SMOOTH, FLAT, and have a little weight to them. I always look for rocks that looks like a speedboat lifting its nose off the water!


{I like the two on the left! Even though I would have liked to find some smoother MORE ROUND rocks, the boys were able to skip all of these!} And once you get used to skipping, you can be less picky about the rocks you use.

The perfect skipping rock. Dare to dream…

Skipping rock
{Google images}

2. STAND SIDEWAYS & LEAN BACK, HOLDING THE ROCK HORIZONTALLY {FLAT SIDE DOWN} with the rock leaning on your index finger and your thumb to hold it. Aim your rock parallel to the water! Here are a few stances that work for us!

{He’s got the wrist flick down, which spins the rock to give it a good skip!}

{The low & throw}

{Perfect hand & body position!}

{Notice the elbow at the waist and the lean back for good rock position!}

{Little man always looks like he’s ready to throw a baseball, but he gets his skip on!}

3. TIP: {from} Throw the rock low and parallel to the water's surface. Throw sidearm so that your hand travels past your waist and the rock travels horizontally across the water.

{Image from wikipedia, because, let's face it, my picture taking skills are not THAT good!}

4. Then count how many times your rock skips across the water! {The rock skipping record is still held by grandpa at 14 skips!!}


It’s amazing how something so simple, could bring such joy! We look at nature, we talk and the boys laugh and have a great time! Rock skipping has become a fixture in our Big Bear weekend traditions and has evolved into some great family bonding time! 
What’s a simple activity that brings YOUR family together?


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Melanie @ bear rabbit bear said...

Aww.. this is such a cute post. I've never been able to skip a rock, but now I will have to try it again!

I'd love for you to link up to our Crafts for Under Twenty Somethings party going on now. It's a blog hop specifically for kids and teens related "stuff", so your post would be perfect!


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