Friday, January 6, 2012

10 day YOU Challenge: 9 Loves

I hope you don’t mind if I forego some of the obvious loves like friends and family. {And food and places for that matter since they’re coming up in days 6 and 5 in this challenge anyways.} I actually found it hard to pick only 9. There are so many things in this world that I love, so I tried to pick some things that encompassed multiple parts of my life. Yes, wine, made the list. ;o)


1. Simplicity. Because so often, life is not simple, and when we can be happy with the simple things in life – that is where we find JOY.

2. Dancing. It used to be a HUGE part of my life, and now it is just a hobby. But I hold on to it. It’s great exercise, and when I dance at church it makes me feel closer to God and it feeds another creative part of my soul.

{Private photo taken via my church; website omitted for privacy reasons.}

3. Which brings me to - God. And no, I’m not the Oscar winner who gives the shout out and the superficial finger point in the air to thank God. I really actually mean it. I’ve seen glimpses of my life without God and definitely with Him is much, much better!

4. Wine. {I do not discriminate on the type or bouquet.}

5. Anyone who has a heart for service. It is close to my heart and when I see it in someone else, I am naturally drawn to them. And when I have the opportunity to serve someone, my heart feels full. It’s hard to explain. {See my Girl on a Mission page for a couple places I love.}

6. You! Yes, you reading this post! In the short 9 months I've been here, I've really grown to love my blog and her sweet followers. Seriously. I never would have thought that it would grow into what it has become. I never thought I would meet such friendly, loving, fellow bloggers; I never thought I’d get featured anywhere and I never thought anyone would read it other than my sister. Now, it has become an extension of my love for my boys, my crafting, my thoughts and my life. I hope that in some small ways it even provides some inspiration and encouragement for even one person.

7. Anything OUTDOORS: the beach, snowboarding, going on a walk, bike ride, hike or run. One of the benefits of living in Southern California is that I can technically do all of these things in one single day! {Have I ever? No, but the opportunity’s there if I need it!}


8. Chocolate (When combined with #4 = BLISS}

9. My boys. I tried, but you know I couldn’t leave those two guys off this list! And it is only appropriate because I am writing this post on Little Man’s 8th birthday! Love you kiddo!


And just so you know, I also wanted to add: friends, family, books, Adele, summer, PRESENTS!, the scent of vanilla sugar and strawberries, Starbucks Caramel Light Frappucinos, laughter, baseball {Go Angels!}, football {Go Chargers!}, cheesecake, board games, any games, spa days and a massage, but, well, this post would just be way too long!;o)

How about you? What do you love? 



LillysNLollipops said...

Great list! Im loving your 10 day challenge idea. I also love vanilla sugar scent, and adele ;)

Lacee said...

Oh I love this post! And you of course ;) With number 4 & 8 we'd be sure to get along wonderfully haha!

Tammy of {Tattered and Timeless} said...

I like the 10 day challenge you are participating in. Seems like lots of fun and very introspective. I am visiting all the participants in Heathers - What I like about your Blog series. It is nice to meet new bloggers and start following something new.

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