Sunday, April 15, 2012

Plastic Bag Holder {Tutorial }

Have you ever had one of those moments where you see an organization problem in your house and then a light bulb comes on {sometimes angels sing} and the solution comes to you instantly? Well, I had one of those moments! {Singing that commercial “Real Men of Genius” song in my head.} I was cleaning my house {which alone deserves some applause} Thank you! :o) I used up my last disinfecting wipe and as I was ready to throw away the container, I noticed my stash of plastic grocery bags. I don’t have a lot of bags as I try to use the recyclable ones, but I do have a use for them. In the past I kept them in empty tissue boxes, but those cardboard holders don’t last very long. So this version, I expect, will last a looong time!

April2012 009

So, yeah, I was excited when I put two and two together! Wipes dispenser + Plastic because = a match made in heaven. I thought – I’m a genius! I’ll be famous! lol UNTIL I looked online and saw some other versions here …and here (this one's for puppy bags.)… but still...Sigh… Are there any NEW ideas anymore? No, probably not. lol BUT, if you haven’t seen one of these before, I thought you might be interested in a quick little how-to. Besides – none of the other versions have a cute little ribbon and flower on their container. {wink}

So, let’s start with the supplies:

April2012 003

You’ll need:
  • An empty, clean disinfecting wipes container
  • fabric scraps (one large enough to cover the container and one smaller one to roll a flower if you want!) I got that sweet hounds tooth fabric from the Penelope Lane Boutique last month!
  • Mod Podge
  • paint brush or foam brush
  • scissors
  • ribbon (optional)
  • hot glue gun (option – if you want to glue ribbon or flower on)

April2012 001


1. Cut your fabric to the size of your container. I just laid my container down and drew a pencil line & cut since my fabric pattern helped me keep my line straight.

April2012 004

2. Glue down  the first seam with Mod Podge.

April2012 005

April2012 006

I put some extra Mod Podge on top of the fabric as well to ensure it was secure. You can do this throughout if you need your container a little more waterproof or durable; otherwise the glue seeped through the fabric a little anyways and kept it pretty strong.

3. Continue to Mod Podge the fabric around the entire container - carefully pressing down to keep the fabric smooth. When you’re done, you can be done OR you can add any other embellishments! I added ribbon and a small flower, just because. I hot glued the ribbon:

April2012 007

And then added the flower:

April2012 008

Done! And now, my plastic bags are all pretty!! Woot! Woot!

April2012 001


April2012 009

April2012 008

Have you ever had one of those moments? Where you created something and thought “Aha! I’m a creative genius!” and then seen your idea all over Pinterest? Well, maybe this container can be added to the Pinterest mix too. Thanks for checking this tutorial out! Have a great {and organized} week!



Four Marrs and One Venus said...

Such an awesome Aha! I need to do this! Your's is so pretty lady! And a flower- you really took this one to the cleaners! I love it!! Great job- have a great week as well! Jen

Christine said...

Reannah... YOU'RE A GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a great idea!!!!

Thanks so much for sharing at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!

Kelley @ said...

What a great idea!

Brie Holtrop said...

This is awesome. About how many bags does it hold? And do you have to put them in a special way so that they come out easily?

Brie @ BreezyPinkDaisies

Katie said...

this turned out so cute!! I love it!

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