Friday, November 2, 2012

Future Voter Badge {Free Printable}

Election day is coming up and I always think it’s important to vote and get your voice heard – but this year it’s more important than ever, because we are voting for the President!!

I like to teach my children the importance of voting too by wearing the “I Voted” sticker proudly all day and talking about what it means to vote. Did you notice, however, that the polls don’t give out “I will vote one day” stickers to the kids? At least, my polling location doesn't. But I do receive about a bazillion political posters and propaganda, that when I saw a "future voter" sign on one of them, I knew it had to be a badge for my kids!!

SO, if you’ve got future voters at home, I’ve got you covered.

Here are some easy directions to make your own “future voter” pin at home! 

NovemberBLOG 004
 {This varies slightly from the printable since it's the sample I created from the poster, and then used to create the free printable!}

I created two printables for you to print and cut out. They are in .jpg format at the bottom of this post so you can resize them to fit your needs. {Your welcome!} 

FIRST... gather your supplies:

NovemberBLOG 001
  • “future voter” printable
  • cardboard (a frozen juice can lid also works or any hard circle you can glue the printable to would work!)
  • hot glue (not shown)
  • FLAT pin in backing (PLEASE use a FLAT based pin backing; it will be much easier to glue. I used the one shown because it was what I currently had in stock.)
  • Optional: Washi tape, stickers, colored pencils (to add texture), glitter…

1) Resize (if needed), print and cut out one of the “future voter” printables on white card stock.

2) Trace the printable and/or size it to the circle you are using. Cut out your circle a little smaller than you traced it so it doesn’t show:

NovemberBLOG 002

3) (OPTIONAL) Use colored pencil to add texture and shading to your badge, or add glitter and shiny stickers!

4) Hot glue the circle to the BACK of the printable.

5) THEN hot glue the pin to the cardboard. Let dry. Optional – cover the pin backing with patriotic washi tape. (The glue holds the pin just fine but any excuse to use washi tape is fun!)

NovemberBLOG 003

6) Let dry and wear proudly on election day!!

NovemberBLOG 007

Right click to download and print each of these ‘future voter’ badges for yourself!!

future voter pink pin


If you make these badges, I’d love to see your pictures! Thanks for reading and sharing!!
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Our Pinteresting Family said...

What a cute idea!

Stephanie Michaels said...

Really cute! We got to vote early yesterday and my polling place stickers are I (the state of ohio that was red and made to look like a heart) voting, so my kids wore that ; ) Thanks for linking up on Super Sweet Saturday.

Divine Theatre said...

For fun, I am going to place this on all the headstones at the the local Chicago cemetery!


Kelli S said...

This is so cute! I wish I had seen this BEFORE election day - oh well, maybe next time. I really love that it instills a good voter ethic in your child! Thank you for sharing!

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