Tuesday, November 13, 2012

{What I Wore} Shoes

Some say moms wear many hats,

The way I see it, I wear many shoes…
Life is a journey, and you need a good pair of shoes to walk the path.
I remember, ‘back in the day’ where I wore my jazz shoes longer in a day than I did my regular shoes...

I remember school times of Keds and jelly shoes and summertimes of no shoes at all...
And I remember when these boots, were made for more than just walking...


And when these shoes went to the party more than they went to work…

These days my shoes wear thin with many steps.

Where some days my feet seem too small to fill the soles.

There are days, like today, where more than my feet feel small.
Where the kids are sick,
Where I am sick and
My time is not my own.
Where I know God did not design parenting to be alone.
Where I wish I could have moments of freedom whenever I wanted or needed.
To kick off my shoes,
To be free to hang out with my friends whenever and however long I would like.
With no worries of schedules,
play times,
and out grown shoes,
Where I feel the awareness of how even a short break makes me a better, refreshed mom
and yet
these fleeting thoughts still carry self-inflicted guilt for needing time away,
without sacrificing their needs.
Or their time.
Because in life,
they really ask so little,
and love SO much.

And I remember that some days filling their needs means I get to wear my flip flops…

And I remember that activities planned means we get to wear our hiking boots…

{Sports Chalet} 

{And it’s an even better day when plans mean I can don my snowboarding boots -- 
but they’re new and I don’t have a picture of those yet.}

And remind myself, that there are many times when we DO get to kick off our shoes and enjoy days like this


And those days make up for when I have to put my big girl boots on, and get ready for the road ahead…

{Boots: Target}
{Ruffled Socks: Urban Outfitters and then I sewed on the buttons}

Because the journey is long… the road often hard,
And ironically, what matters is not always what’s on our feet, but in our hands… 


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Gallamore West said...

So sweet, Reannah!! Such a great, heartfelt post. I hope you guys are feeling better soon. I love your new boots :)

Object of Maya*ffection said...

Life is about the journey for sure! LOVE your cute boot socks!!

Kelly said...

Oh my goodness I LOVE this soooo sooooo soooo much!!!

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