Friday, February 8, 2013

DIY Washer Pendants

I love jewelry! Since I only have boys, I find that I don't craft and blog a ton about it. But, since I also love Valentine's Day -- I thought it would be fun to do a girly jewelry craft using some washers I had!

So, I made some Valentine's Day - and any day - washer pendants! This would make a great craft for kids too!

Here is what you'll need:

Yep -- that's right!! You'll need nail polish! I used a variety of colors (a light blue as well - not shown.)

 I also used:
-fishing line (or clear elastic line - to tie the washers together)
-random chains and cords I had to hang the pendants.

First I "painted" my washers in a variety of patterns just for fun! Painting with nail polish is a lot like real paint:

- higher quality polish means less coats!
- I used white as a base and primer in some cases. lol

Nail polish dries soooo much faster than paint AND comes with it's own brush! (And lots of fun inexpensive colors!)

Here are some of the fun patterns I played with:

Once everything was completely dry, I used fishing line to tie the red washers and hearts together in a row and the red string as the chain!

For individual pendants, I just tied a chain or cord to the top.
All of these pendents were created free hand. I learned that I am not so good at making chevron patterns.... (although I do love how the yellow pops and that chain!)

And that I should probably stick to painting straight lines. ;o) I LOVE the beachy look of this light blue pendant (only two thin coats!) with this brown cord I stole from another necklace:

I'll be sporting this girl all summer long!!

As for next week, you will see me in hearts!

Have you painted with nail polish before? What about crafting with washers? You should really give it a try! It was a lot of fun!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Sharing the love at tatertots and jello this week!


Anonymous said...

I really like them all! I love the little hearts on the "valentine-y" pendant. So cute!

Becca @ Love Our Disney said...

These are adorable!
I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award- You can check it out here

ShopsAtAvenue said...

Good things come in small packages especially when it’s jewelry. Love to wear Silver Pendant?
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