Thursday, February 7, 2013

What I Love: By Mark Montano

This month I am throwing a "What I Love" party! Some special guests will be sharing what they love about crafting, blogging and life!

To kick off this series I have a VERY special guest!! You may remember him from the So Cal blog Social or for giving away a copy his "Big Ass Book of Bling" recently, or maybe even as the host of TLC's  "While You Were Out!" That's right! Mark Montano is back and sharing some of the things he loves with all of you!

Let's learn more about Mark and what he loves:

1. How did you get started in the crafting business?
I have been crafting my entire life. I become a fashion designer and had my own collection for MANY years and then I started writing a column for Cosmo Girl! magazine called Cool Room which I turned in to my first book, Super Suite. I showed teen girls how to makeover their rooms with home decor craft projects and that part of my career really took off.
2. I remember you said that you had a lot of parent support at an early age. How did your parents support and encourage your crafting skills?
They would buy me tons of craft supplies and encourage me to be creative. My mom got me a sewing machine when I was first learning and my dad would buy me fabrics and whatever I needed. They were/are awesome parents.
3. You are gifted in so many areas- home decor, fashion, bling, crafting... which is your favorite?
Fashion for sure. It's such a part of my life and seeing how people dress is always exciting to me.
4. What current medium do you love to craft with and why?
I think fabric is probably my favorite medium and sewing is my favorite area. I find it so relaxing. I know a lot of people get frustrated with it but I think it's like a wonderful puzzle. When you're done you have something amazing and useful to show for it.
5. What is your favorite project you have made so far? Why?
That's hard. I have these garden sculptures that are in my house. I switched heads on birds and women so that they look like mythical creatures. They are wonderful.
6. I love watching your You Tube channel! What is your favorite video tutorial that you’ve posted?  
Hm...I think my owl shoes video is pretty cute. It was the video that helped me start getting my groove with Youtube.

7. Things Mark loves!

Restaurant:   Chez Josephine in New York City

Vacation Spot: British West Indies

Thing about where you live: My craft house

Activity: gluing things together
Pet: I don't have a pet right now :(

Book: The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas or Tell Me How Long the Trains Been Gone by James Baldwin

Song: Levon by Elton John

Movie: Willy Wonka (the original)

Food: Way too many to choose from

Dessert: Peach cobbler for sure

Accessory: My 3 diamond eternity bands. The diamonds are small and still masculine (enough)

Clothing item: Blue gingham shirts. They are my favorite and I have no idea why.

Color (or pattern) to design with: Green for all time, Red because it's alive.

8. Who is your current Crafter Crush (or blog crush)?
Seriously? I have so many! I love Jaderbomb and Margot Potter. They'll have to share me.
9. What is your favorite Valentine’s day treat?
Russel Stover chocolates in a box. Actually I buy them all year round.

10. What favorite Valentine’s craft have you created?
My Valentine's Day Rockabilly pumps.
11. What advice would you give to a beginning craft blogger?
Do it because you love it and be consistent and remember that you cannot do this alone. You need the love and support of your peers. There is no room for bitchy on the web!
12. What are you looking forward to in 2013?
My new show!
That's awesome advice Mark! I can't wait to hear more about your new show -- and I seriously adore those Valentine's Day pumps!! Thanks again for taking the time to participate in my "What I Love" series! xo
Come follow Mark here: Facebook|Twitter|YouTube|Website for more creative ideas!


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