Thursday, February 14, 2013

{What I Love} by Kate from Life As I Know It

Happy Valentine's Day!!

I thought it fitting to share this lovely blogger today because this week is her birthday!! (Yesterday to be exact!) So let's all welcome Kate from Life as I know it!

I’m Kate. I’m a wife and mommy of three. I love Jesus, my family, crafts, DIY projects, reading, coffee and anything Harry Potter.
- Restaurant is Chevy’s (sad that they are becoming hard to find!)
- Book is actually the entire Harry Potter series. Love those books!
- Song is (Can’t help) Falling in Love- Elvis
- Food is Mexican/ Enchiladas
- Color is Red
- Color to craft with is I love reds, pinks and purples. They turn up in a lot of my projects lately
- Medium to craft with: paper/scrapbooking!
- Accessory is (these days it’s) my water bottle
- Clothing item is Flip flops
- Valentine’s Day treat is Chocolate covered strawberries.
- Valentine’s day movie is Sleepless in Seattle
Best Date I’ve ever been on- My first date with my husband. We only went to dinner but I knew it was the first of many and that I wanted to be with him forever.
My current blog crush- Ashley over at Better Together. Love her and her cute little family. I try not to comment too often because I don't want her to think I'm a crazy stalker!
Favorite post I’ve written and why- This post about the DIY Pom poms is one of my favorites. Mainly because they took me quite a while to make since I was just doing them here and there and I was so happy with the final result! I love how they look up in my little guys bedroom!
Favorite Valentine’s Day post- Valentine’s Day Felt HeartDIY
Looking forward to in 2013- Playing with my munchkins in the grass on a hot Summer day and taking a family trip to the ocean and zoo.
Oh my goodness! I could have written half those favorites myself! Harry Potter? YES PLEASE!! Red (favorite color) and Mexican food! I think Kate and I would get along just fine eating some taquitois and having a Harry Potter marathon!! lol
To learn even more about Kate (and wish her a happy birthday!) ;-) follow along here:

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