Friday, April 15, 2011

30 Homemade Gift Ideas for Teachers! {From Tip Junkie}

I LOVE teacher appreciation week!! {And not just because I'm a teacher like you might think} My boys' teachers work so hard - and it is so fun {and a good lesson in thankfulness for the kiddies} to show we care. All it takes is something so simple -- like a card, a drawing from child to teacher, or if you're crafty -- one of these awesome homemade teacher gifts!!! Here's my favorite photo, but you can find the WHOLE list of 30 gifts on Tip Junkie

I already have my teacher gifts for this year, but I'm thinkin' I'll have to add that personalized bookmark -- or the "You Were Mint To Teach" {you'll have to click the link to see that one!} ;-) because it's so cute and easy to make!!! Have a great weekend! God Bless.xo.


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