Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Inspired by The Girls at eighteen25

Got pickles? Well, pickle JARS, that is. The Girls at eighteen25 had a creative idea for a pickle jar and candlestick makeover! Click here to see their awesome tutorial on how to make it! Here's my version: 

 For me, I used 1 glass candlestick and 2 silver candlesticks. The glass candlesticks = easy to spray paint white. The silver candlesticks were a little more stubborn. Thankfully the girl at Michaels warned me so I had some primer on hand, and then the paint stuck on just right! I also spray painted the lids, then hot glued the jars on top and voilá! Pretty, right? 
Okay, now the 'behind-the scenes' TRUTH girls. 1. I picked up one of these candlestick jars to take this picture and the jar fell OFF the candlestick and rolled down my stairs. I set it back on top to take the picture, then fixed it. {Note to self: use more hot glue.}  2. I had everything in the jars in my cupboard already, except Easter grass, & was too tired to make it, so I used dry pasta nests under the eggs & bunnies, and 3. I don't eat pickles... so... anyone know what I can do with a TUB full of kosher dills? :o)

**Updated May 31st:
Just 'redecorated' the jars for Memorial Day and 4th of July!!!!
From L-R: I used licorice, blue & white filler marbles and 3 beaded necklaces (1 red, 1 silver, 1 blue) layered. (Another Target $1 spot find!) The licorice was a last minute jar stuffer -- I wanted something red & that's all I had. I'm afraid my kids are beginning to think that candy is for decorating and not eating any more! {But, there's nothing wrong with that, right?} :o) Thanks for looking! 
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Gallamore West said...

I love them!! And I love the dried pasta idea... genius! And at least the glass didn't break when it rolled down the stairs, right?! :)

Shaped by Grace said...

Seriously! I was yelling Noooooo as it tumbled down my stairs! Thank goodness for carpet! :){I could not take buying more smelly pickles!} :)

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