Monday, April 11, 2011

FOURTH blog's the charm!

 Yes, that's right. I have had 3 other blogs. Around 5 years ago when blogging was peeking it's young head from beneath the covers, I started a blog. Do I remember the name of it? Nope. Were there post? A few. So, somewhere out in bloggy blog world is a blog with my name on it! Oh well. Then I did a blog for a mission trip I went on. That was fun, and so I thought another personal blog would be fun & started a Mother of Boys blog, but petered out with time because, well, I'm a mother of BOYS! :o) So, why this time? Well, I am still a single mom for now, but I have since started an Etsy shop AND bought a townhouse and realized AAALL the work that goes into maintaining and actually getting to decorate a house so, I thought a blog would be a fun way to chronicle all the joys and mishaps of home improvement and decor. {And maybe slip in a few pictures of my boys now and then too!} ;o) Thanks for reading! Enjoy the journey.


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