Sunday, April 10, 2011

Deep Thought Blogging

Sit down, grab a cup of coffee and get ready for some deep thought blogging!

This one is for all my girlfriends out there. I recently read a new and amazing blog my cousin started. She is a beautiful, Godly woman, inside and out, and wrote a post that just resonated with EXACTLY how I felt and why I always started {and never finished} my blogs. Here are her deep thoughts. After you read it, I’ll explain how they applied to my life and why I am even bothering with another blog: 

“We are all people. Not one person is more special than the other. God made us all, He loves us all the same and we are all just as equally important. My problem with these blog things or FB is that I feel as though when telling stories or posting pics, it is a lot of times for us to say, "look at my really great life". Well let's look at the facts, we are all living in the same broken, sinful and fallen world and things are not, and I repeat not, perfect for anyone. If I do read about something or look at fun pics, it doesn't phase me because I  know things are not always as they seem. Having said that, I know people, especially girls, compare themselves to one another in general.  FB pics or what they read in blogs may make it worse and have them thinking "Well shucks, Buffy's life is way more exciting than mine, she gets to travel to far away places." Or perhaps "Wow, Marcy sure is looking good these days. I wish I had the money and creativity to buy and cook all clean, vegan and organic. Maybe I would look that good." Once again, the bottom line is, we are all just living beings and we are all just as special as the next. Do not let a blog or some pics or dumb status updates have you thinking differently.” ~from Diary of a Mad Black Woman {and my cousin Carey who is neither Mad nor Black}

I know right? Here is why it struck a chord with me: I remember back almost 6 years ago – I was going through a terrible divorce. This is not the time or place to go into details, know only that my ex decided he did not want to have a family any more and was giving me and our 2 boys an extremely difficult time. I lost 20 pounds in less than a month. My lowest weight was 104 lbs and to put it in perspective: I’m 5’7”. Friends who didn’t know said, “Wow! You look amazing!” and “You’re so skinny -you should model!” and even “I wish I had that body after 2 kids!” Why am I telling you this? Because every comment was about what I looked like on the outside. Yet inside -- I was a mess. Sometimes I feel like the blog and Facebook world can be just about what’s on the outside – we post only the perfect pictures and the perfect projects and the perfect smile. But remember, things are not always what they seem. I too, have posted a many pretty picture on the very crappiest of days. And remember, no good comes from comparing yourself to others - you never know what is going on inside of them. I encourage you to be yourself; if you do, that makes you a perfect 10 in my book, because no one is exactly like YOU! :o) My purpose for this blog is to fulfill a space in my heart that loves to write, to post projects I like to do around my house and share ideas with all the creative folks I see out there and laugh at myself along the way. Many of my little home improvement projects turn out exactly like what I envisioned and others are, well, disasters. I promise to post pics of both!! :o) These thoughts were mostly a lecture to myself, but maybe you’ve felt this way at times too. So thanks!! Aaand -  if you are still reading this post, kudos to you!! You must be an extremely dedicated friend, or my mother. So thanks again! And Follow Me if you like! I promise the rest {most} of the posts will be much shorter & light-hearted!  Thanks for reading. God Bless. xoxo


Jileen said...

Thanks for posting this, very insightful and more importantly: true. Best of luck on your blogging endeavor! I am looking forward to reading your post. tc xoxo

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