Saturday, April 16, 2011

Easter Egg Gnomes

Once upon a time there were garden gnomes, but I think these little Easter Egg Gnomes are way cuter! I was Etsy window shopping a while a back {I REALLY wish I could remember the shop name!} :o/ and saw a post for wool egg hats and thought -- hmm, I could make those! (I didn't have wool, but I had felt!) So, here is my version:

 I put the hats on eggs from my refrigerator, but now I want some wooden/decor eggs so I can have these little gnomes hanging around ALL the time! :o)

Here is a VERY easy tutorial on how to make these little guys! {I was almost too tired to post a tutorial, but seriously, these are so easy to make, they take about 5-10 minutes!} So here you are:

1. You will need:
~Felt {Pardon my wrinkled felt} :o)
~A Glue Gun
~A Sharpie {Only if you want cute little smiles on your gnomes too} :o)

 2. Cut out a 6" (approx.) diameter circle. You can trace with a pencil or use a compass. {Neither of which I put in the 'you will need'. Oops!} Then cut about a 2 1/2-3" pacman-like wedge out of it. {Shown below are two different color felt sections cut out, just for the visual.}

Finally, roll your felt into a cone shaped hat. The point of your wedge is the point of the hat and the outer circumference of the circle is the bottom of the hat. {I forgot to take a picture of this step because I was so excited to make the hat!} Hot glue your cone flap so it doesn't unroll and then place your little hats on Easter Eggs! Gnome Hats + Eggs = Pretty Darn Cute! :o)


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